Ask These 4 Question to Yourself Before Changing Your Career during COVID-19

We didn’t foresee such an intense year entering the new decade in 2020. The year 2020 brought a lot of worries, anxiety, and uncertainty with it. Many people are also questioning their professional choices because of the year 2020.

Do you believe your job is as fulfilling and satisfying as it should be? Many people felt they could and should do more after seeing those front-line professionals make a difference. Others may find themselves desiring a career with more security or job chances.

It’s hard to start a new job, especially with all the uncertainty that comes with living and working in the amidst of a pandemic. This could be the ideal time for you to make the switch. However, the stresses and realities of the present may be distorting your view point.

If you’re unsure whether a career change is right for you right now, start by asking yourself these questions.

1. Start by Asking Yourself “Why Do I Want to Change My Career?”

Think about why you want or need to change careers. Making a change in the existing environment will provide particular problems, so it’s necessary to explore other options. It’s critical to consider why you feel the need for a career change at this moment.

Changing occupations may be necessary during this period if your industry or work has been severely disrupted and you can no longer locate adequate opportunities.

For example, if you were a teacher and cannot locate comparable occupations, you may need or desire to shift careers today to find work. If you can wait until a more secure and predictable period to change occupations, you should consider whether now is the best and most appropriate time for you.

Be mindful of hasty decisions during the pandemic. Consider how your job has altered throughout the epidemic and whether it is likely to return to its previous state or evolve into something entirely new.

You may be dissatisfied, but ask yourself if it is because of your job or career or because of the situation, such as working from home and coping with the stress of living through a pandemic.

2. What Should My New Career Look Like?

If you want to change your career path at any time, the most crucial thing to figure out is what you truly want out of life NOW.

  • What are your interests?
  • Which industry of work catches your eye?
  • What are you most enthusiastic about?

For example, you may believe that you aren’t making a difference in your current job. Instead of brooding on that, consider what job route would make you feel like you could make a difference and whether you can see yourself being fulfilled in that type of role.

3. Do I Have the Necessary Skills and Knowledge Needed for this New Career?

Once you have explored your passions and a new calling in professional life, the best thing to reflect upon next is the type of skills and knowledge required for the new career.

Do you possess the kind of soft skills ( leadership, empathy and problem-solving knack) and hard skills (foundational education and training) for your desired career?

Most importantly, consider where you wish to go: What are the most in-demand skills? Do you have any? How do you obtain them? Also, what do you want to learn? What abilities and activities bring you joy?

Pay special attention to work requirements and duties, so you can determine whether the position is a good fit for your talents, interests, and beliefs. This can also reveal the situation’s limitations.

For Instance, you might come across a role that interests you, but it needs a degree or qualification that you must first obtain. That may be conceivable for you or indicate that it is not an immediate choice. In either case, it aids you in deciding how to proceed.

4. Am I Ready to Manage Such a Career Change Financially in This Pandemic?

So you’ve decided to change careers. Have you calculated the whole cost of the procedure? If you need to invest in schooling before applying for a new job, that time may double or triple. In fewer cases, people will get a new job right after resigning from their previous one, especially during a pandemic.

Consider the financial implications of the career move you wish to make in this economic situation. You should think about how hazardous it is to make a change during a recession and whether you are willing to take that risk. Ascertain that you have sufficient savings to live comfortably and provide for your family during the shift.


Changing careers during the pandemic is not impossible, from preserving your family’s financial security and your own to providing joy into your life through meaningful work.

It can be precisely what you need to construct a more rewarding existence in pandemic-ridden times. To be successful, you will need to take a strategic master plan. Consider these questions, honestly answer them, and decide if it’s time for a change.

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