Various Careers in the Gaming Industry

Gaming has always been considered a waste of time by Indian parents and school teachers. However, there is now a gaming industry that has many great job opportunities for people who love games.

Gaming has always been considered a waste of time by Indian parents and school teachers. If you have a love of gaming, you will constantly be made to believe that playing games all day will destroy your future. So, let’s check out various careers in the gaming industry.

In fact, with the explosion of the multiplayer game PUBG, most parents were worried sick that it would completely ruin their children’s education. And yes, when you are still in school, it is essential to have a strict balance between playing and studying. 

But if you are passionate about gaming and are actually quite good at it, there is some good news for you: you can now pursue a career in gaming.

Getting paid to play games for 11-12 hours a day and participating in international completions for massive prizes sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But there are some things that you should be aware of before you get too excited. 

Various Careers in the Gaming Industry

To have a career as a gamer, you will have to be fantastic at it, and otherwise, you won’t stand a chance. Also, unlike a regular 9 to 5 job at an office, a career in gaming might not provide a stable job for you. Still, if you are passionate and skilled, you can have a promising career as a gamer.

Career as a Gamer 

To be a pro gamer, you will have to hone your skills in any one game of your choosing. There are multiplayer online battle games, first-person shooter games, card games, etc. 

Once you have become an expert in any one game, you can participate in gaming tournaments and win cash prizes. However, playing tournaments is not the only way to earn money while gaming. 

These days you can stream while playing a game on Twitch or YouTube and earn money that way. The more followers you will have, the more you will be able to earn.

You will basically be able to earn money while playing games comfortably in your home. There are other career options available in gaming as well.

There is a huge gaming industry filled with exciting opportunities for gaming enthusiasts, Let’s check out various careers in the gaming industry :

1.    Game Developer

Game Designers/Developers write codes to develop games. 

They also test and evaluate the game, look for bugs and any errors in the design. They determine the programming and functioning of the game. They are also responsible for determining the concept of the game. 

Game designers work on the story and how the game will look like. This is a job that requires a high level of creativity and logical reasoning, and you will also need to have a degree in programming. 

2.    Game Animator

Have you ever been amazed by the graphics of a game that show a picturesque world that you can get completely lost in? Well, the people behind these designs and graphics are called game animators. 

They design and animate the world of the game and its characters and objects. In this field, art and technology come together to create beautiful animated images and environments for gamers. 

3.    Game Producer

A game producer is someone who basically plans, coordinates and supervises the entire process of game development. They wear many hats and are multitalented. They not only produce the game but sometimes are also responsible for editing it. 

They manage the game from the beginning of its development to its release. They perform various essential tasks like budgeting, developing, editing, scheduling and licensing. It is their responsibility to guide the project towards the release date. 

4.    Creative Director

Creative directors are the ones responsible for the feel and look of the game. They basically manage every aspect of the game, beginning from the concept to the final completion. 

A creative director looks after the different aspects of the game like the story, narrative, audio and visual style, and gameplay. This is a perfect job for someone who loves gaming and wants to be involved in the most important parts of developing a game. 

This job also requires a high level of creativity and skills.

5.    Writer

If you love games, have a creative mind, and are good at writing, you can become a writer for video games. This is the latest career option in the world of gaming. 

As a writer, it will be your job to write narratives, storylines, dialogues, scripts and various technical material for the video game. 

This is a very exciting job as you will be involved in creating interesting characters for the game and thrilling screenplays for enhancing the gaming experience of gamers. This is a perfect job for you if you are creative, love writing stories and have a passion for gaming. 

You will also be able to explore different roles within the writing.  


There are many interesting careers now available in the gaming industry. Do you have a love of gaming? Which career would you prefer in the gaming industry? Let us know by writing in the comment section below. 

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