Banana Points

How To Earn Banana Points

Share, Earn and Learn With Banana Point

Beyond Grades’s Banana points are the new digital premium currency that works wonder in the Beyond Grades world. You do one activity and voila! You earn a banana point. Our platform oversees activities that you’ll be doing in the community which later help you earn banana point.

We are keen to help you learn, and this happen’s only when we understand what your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and dreams are. Banana points is the way!

What Are Banana Points?

The banana points are the community premium currency. You can always use these points to purchase Beyond Grades e-books or avail Beyond Grades online courses available in the community. For every activity you’ll be doing in the community, you’ll earn a banana point which will reflect in your account and you can en cash it to buy anything from our Beyond Grades shop.

That’s not it! Your points will add up to the banana points leaderboard and a rank will be assigned to you. Level up your activities in the community to score up the ladder and rank among Top 10 banana point holders. We got a surprise for you there!

How To Earn Banana Point Through Activities?

  • Account Activation Activities
  • Groups Activities
  • Referral Activities
  • Forum Activities

How To Use Banana Points?

You can surely encash these banana points to avail these benefits:

  1. Buy paid E-Book, Templates, Checklist and other resources. from Beyond Grades.
  2. More banana points. Higher the rank in the community.

In the beginning, you just need to complete any two activities. So that I can know we are in this together! So, what are you waiting for?

Would you like to suggest some new features or resources for the community website?

Share your ideas on the Beyond Grades Feedback and Suggestion forum. Let’s see how creative you are!

Meanwhile, get started with these activities and steal the banana points right away.