10 Excellent Career Options For INTP Personality Type

10 Excellent Career Options For INTP Personality Type

INTP is one of the sixteen personalities used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI). This is a rare personality type making up only 2-5% of the entire population.

Who Are INTP People?

People with the INTP personality type often find themselves thinking and analyzing situations. This is the primary explanation why most of the noteworthy scientists and philosophers belonged to this category. They have innate creativity and inventiveness. Having an unconventional approach to life and its aspects, INTPs are also called ‘Logicians.’

INTPs often take different roads in life and have a unique perspective on things. They are known for exploring this world, and deciphering the mysteries of the universe is their cup of tea. This elucidates why most of the noteworthy philosophers and scientists were INTPs. 

Introversion (I) Intuition (N) Thinking (T) Perceiving (P)

What Qualities Do They Have?

They often seem to be lost in their world and are enormous daydreamers finding it hard to connect with reality. They are incredible critics and blending both their skills in numbers and bizarre imagination, these people try to discover inter-relation in everything around them. Also, they do not perceive anything as solitary – or existing without a reason.

What Qualities Do INTP People Have?

Such people try to decipher the patterns around them and affix the universe together. Rather than accepting ideology and beliefs with certain things, INTPs believe in finding logic. They do not agree with the surface-level knowledge and delve deeper to comprehend things. 

It often appears as if they are debating with themselves. It is only because INTPs love focusing on the details and perform in-depth research on everything. However, they admire logic and rationality and often ponder over abstract concepts that may not present them with a rational explanation. 

What Hurdles Do They Face?

However, people with INTP may get lost in their thoughts for long hours which can subsequently harm their relationships with others. Their lack of empathy and insensitivity towards others (like colleagues) and their across-the-board lack of patience can make them look unfriendly and uptight. Their impression of doing things in a perfect manner whatsoever can also become a predicament in a work environment. 

Hence, people with INTP personality type need to look for career choices that are best suited to them.  Here are the 10 best vocations – 

1. Journalist 

Some career choices for INTP females - Journalist

Journalism requires a lot of writing, speaking, and interaction with other people. People with INTP enjoy writing and getting to the bottom of things. Curiosity comes naturally to them and they love to follow intriguing leads. Journalism has a lot of scope all around the world and comes with a good income. Being a researcher or a content writer are other two linked professions that may interest people with INTP. 

2. Lawyer 

The logical and rational essence of INTPs makes them suitable for this job. Although they may have to work on their conversational skills as this field assigns training and teamwork. INTPs love thriving their intellect to a higher level and debate with others around the ideas that interest them. So, the law is an excellent profession for INTPs. 


Their unusual perspective enables them to observe things from a different angle, so they are excellent for retrieving counterarguments. 

However, their autonomous and introverted nature may hamper their career progress, and they might feel suffocated as well. But if they can conquer this obstacle, then a lawyer is a great occupation for them!

3. Mathematician 

Both INTP men and women are often incredible at mathematics. But it would be unreasonable to believe that every INTP woman is good at mathematics and science. 

Some career choices for INTP females - Mathematician

Personal choice and inclination are also necessary when choosing vocations. Those who have a head for mathematics can work as professors, researchers, scholars, etc. Ideally, picking up research work and analysis is great for INTP.

Others, with a lesser penchant for maths, can pick up accounting, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, theoretical science, etc. that encompasses research, analysis, calculation, and programming. 

4. Architect 

Some career choices for INTP females - Architect

If you are looking for something that does not require massive calculations and formulas in mathematics and science or the tedious examination and academic task needed in writing and editing, then architecture is yet another field that is prominent across the world. If you admire modeling and developing the structure of houses artistically without having to build them up yourself, then architecture is the right job for you! 

5. Entrepreneur 

Some career choices for INTP females - Entrepreneur

If INTP uses their inventiveness and art, they can even be an entrepreneur. Being a keen learner,  it is easy for INTP women to pick up new ideas and enhance their inventions whenever needed. The financial counseling required in their enterprise is also manageable for them with their mastery of numbers and analytics. However, their indifference and insensitivity towards others may impair their association with employers. 

6. Author 

With their exceptionally high creativity skills, it is not unpredictable that writing is an excellent choice for INTPs. Their fascination with abstract concepts allows them to think of unique notions and get entirely immersed in ideas. INTPs do not hesitate to do in-depth study and exploration with a complete focus, and all of these traits make them perfect for this job. 


Many famous authors with spectacular notions were INTP personality types, involving Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin.

7. Business Analyst 

A business analyst is responsible for linking the gap between IT and the enterprise utilizing input analytics to analyze procedures, determine requirements and transmit reports propelled by the data to the managers and stakeholders.


The analytic skills of INTPs help them to examine problems and perform in-depth research to find out solutions. The investigative quality of the job makes it attractive for INTPs who love resolving issues. The IT industry is continuously transforming so it is doubtful that employers will get bored or find the job monotonous. 

8.  College Professor 

Some career choices for INTP females - College Professor

Becoming a professor requires mastery in your subject with a curiosity in it that is intrinsic. INTP can use their innovative skills while giving lectures and making presentations and their interest in exploration is another facet that helps them to gain accomplishment in this pursuit.

9. Scientist 

As it was mentioned before, some of the most influential scientists of all time were INTPs. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, William Harvey are some examples of scientists possessing INTP personality types. They are the inventors of logic– their admiration for the mysteries of the universe supported with rational thinking makes them a great fit for this profession.


What’s more, they love to concentrate on the details and do not have the habit of ceasing until they arrive at an outcome. Their persistent nature acquired with an attentive mind makes them highly appropriate for this field! 

10. Musician 

For INTPs who love music– becoming a musician is a significant step! The independence and ideation present in an INTP will assist them in this career path.  


The preparatory years in this industry may feel restrictive due to the absence of control, but once you advance your career to the degree of creating, composing and directing– you will find excellent job contentment in this arena.

Anas Zeeshan


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