Software Development Engineer in Test

Career as Software Development Engineer in Test - Overview

An SDET, otherwise referred to as a software development engineer in test, takes part equally in software development and testing processes. The SDET mainly works within the IT, gaming, advertising, entertainment, financial, or hospitality sectors and focuses on software development’s testability, robustness, and performance.

Here, we’ll look at what the work entails, as well as the skills and qualifications required. We will also look at the salary structure as well as the best colleges and courses to pursue a career as an SDET.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Software Development Engineer in Test ?
  • Understanding the flow of code and the way it interacts with different components.
  • Understanding project documents, customer demands, and merchandise objectives to make and execute test cases.
  • Organizing, maintaining, and performing test automation frameworks on multiple application platforms, like Mobile, Desktop, and Web, and building test scenarios and acceptance tests.
  • Investigate customer problems mentioned to you by the technical support team, test bugs, and create and manage bug reports.
  • Handling technical communications and understanding the customers’ systems.
  • Working with deployments teams, resolving level issues for systems, coordinating on product design, and offering inputs on the testability of functional elements and merchandise designs.
  • Noting all testing actions you’ve got performed in daily and weekly reports.
  • Analyzing and disintegrating software systems and coordinating with other teams to reinforce the general design.
  • Researching test tools, methodologies, and trends and upgrading existing practices and processes.
  • Managing the ultimate quality on production release.


What are the skills required to become a Software Development Engineer in Test ?

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

Before Career Profiles

After Career Profiles

How to become an SDET in India?

Step 1: Obtain Required Qualifications

To pursue a career in Software development engineer in test (SDET), the minimum education qualification requires a bachelor’s degree in, computer science, computer engineering or similar fields. High-level SDET might require additional qualifications like a Master’s degree in computer science

Step 2: Enhance Development and Testing Skills

Many aspiring SDETs feel that learning to use popular APIs for test automation is all they need to succeed. In order to be genuinely effective, more software development talents are required.

SDETs who are well-versed in programming logic and principles tend to be better. Object-oriented programming, decision structures, repetition structures, and data structures have been employed in all mature automation projects I’ve been involved in.

While SDETs must be strong programmers, the most effective SDETs are strong testers as well. It becomes worthless if the most beautifully written test automation code does not adequately validate the expected behaviour.

Clean coding practices and the adoption of design patterns are essential for long-term maintenance, reusability, and extensibility.

Step 3: Earn SDET Certifications 

To own certification for a skill is like a cherry on the cake. Get the top SDET certifications to validate your skillset and get a high paying job for the hard work you have put in.

Software Development Engineer in test certifications:

Software Testing Course: Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET)

Certified SDET Professional

SDET Training: Selenium WebDriver, Java Projects & Code Tests


Salary of SDETs in India

The average salary for Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) is ₹65,000 per month in India.

Salary based upon your experience

0 – 2 years, 6 to 8 lacs per annum
2 – 5 years, 9 to 12 lacs per annum
5+ years, 13 to 18 lacs per annum

Factors that can affect your salary:

Your total experience
Job location
Type of company
Job responsibilities

Top Training/Certifications To Pursue Career As SDET

Here’s a list of the top Institutes providing SDET training

Software Development Engineer in Test Certifications