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LinkedIn Interview Questions

LinkedIn Interview Rounds

For the academic criteria, two things need to be considered:

60% or higher in B.Tech, Class X and XII and no backlogs at the time of the interview.

The online round contains 2-3 coding problems for which time duration is 1 hr. It also includes MCQs, mainly from data structures, algorithms, oops, DBMS, Networking and Linux.

Students who pass the written exam are called in for the Technical Interview. To give this round, you should indeed understand the basic concept. You should be familiar with data science and machine learning algorithms, as well as operating systems, networking, and database management systems. Students from fields other than computer science should prepare for two different subjects related to their field. These rounds may also include online coding rounds at times. They also ask questions about your resume. They frequently inquire about previous projects of yours. In this round, you might be asked to solve puzzles. You can practice puzzles in our Puzzles section to get ready for them.

The system design round is usually reserved for experienced professionals and lasts about an hour. This round is intended to put your software design skills and knowledge to the test. In this round, you will be given a problem, such as designing a shared drive file system. You must create an entire system, including its database design, high-level architecture, and dealing with scaling up issues, among other things. The interviewer may also inquire about the system design aspects of previous projects you have worked on.

This is the most enjoyable and interactive round, and it is conducted by the manager of the team with which you will be working if you are chosen. The manager inquires about you, your objectives, as well as your projects. If you are a seasoned professional, the interviewer will ask you about your company’s previous and current projects that you have or are working on. If you are a newcomer, they may ask about projects and internships that you have completed. The main goal is to determine whether you will be a good fit for the team and project you are being interviewed for.

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