What is a Project Management Software?

Project Management Software (PMS) allows users to track and manage projects and processes. It includes tools that enable collaboration features so that you are able to assign tasks, track due dates, and collaborate with others.

How can Project Management Software help you?

A project management tool can automate and streamline clunky and inconsistent work processes, which can waste a lot of time switching between chat, spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, and email throughout the day.

Project management software can meet some or all of these needs in one central place to enable everyone to stay on top of things.

Which Project Management Software you should use?

It is difficult to suggest which software you should choose, as different people have different needs. However, you can find a sweet spot for yourself among the following qualities of PMS software:

Management of Resources:

A fundamental expectation from project management software is that the software manages the resources of the project, including human resources.

Managing Documents:

Documents, images, and other files generated by projects will make working together difficult without a reliable and easy-to-use document management feature. Project management software should (and must) have a document management facility with a relevant access control system.

Task Management:

Project management software should allow Gantt charts to be drawn when it comes to activity scheduling. The ability to schedule activities should be one of the key features of project management software.

A good project management program should allow you to integrate all your projects with your calendar, taking into account both your work and personal calendars. It should also allow you to schedule all your projects in one location, and it should provide you with an efficient way to transfer your calendar to your timesheet.

Problem Management:

Throughout the project life cycle, it is possible for there to be many problems you need to track continually and monitor. This is why project management software will have features to track and monitor problems reported by different stakeholders.

Budget Management:

It is vital to control your projects’ budgeting during all phases of the project. The future of any business depends on how well you can accomplish the task within the budget provided.

Project management software works to create a smooth budget control process from the first statement of work to the end of the project.


The Project Management software creates a channel for promoting collaboration – internally for the team as well as externally for your clients and other stakeholders.

Document sharing, whether inside the tool or in a 3rd party system, for example, enables communication between the team and those external to the team.

Team Collaboration:

As well as improving resource management, project management solutions are designed in order to improve team collaboration. Typically, people create individual tasks that are part of a greater project which the team is attempting to accomplish.

If you use project management software, everyone is kept in the loop, so they know what work needs to be done and have their priorities in front of them.

Overall Effectiveness:

The most important lesson enterprises have learned in years of project management is that a lot of time is wasted in project planning. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

It is now possible to determine when projects will be completed by using artificial intelligence and taking into account constraints like cost, scope, and schedule.

Cost of a PMS

In choosing a project management solution, price is one of the most important factors. Pricing information is typically provided on vendor websites, but other vendors prefer to offer specialized quotes according to a company’s needs.

You will have to understand your specific projects and what features you need and want to have, along with the number of users who will access the software. Don’t forget to account for additional costs.

There are two common pricing models that project management software vendors employ: subscription hosting plans (cloud) and perpetual licensing (on-premise).

Choosing the best PMS

A project management software must-have features that can be implemented across your team and for your industry to earn a spot on your list.

To be considered for a spot on your list of the best project management software, features, custom options, collaborative tools, and pricing should all be considered important factors.

This will ultimately lead you to make the best choice for yourself.


Thus, we have seen what a Project Management Software (PMS) is and how a PMS will help you in your project management. We have also discussed in detail the features you should look for while selecting a PMS.

Which feature has more importance for you according to your current project? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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