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How to Answer “What Can You Bring to the Company?”

Last Updated on Apr 13, 2023

How to Answer “What Can You Bring to the Company?

What can you bring to the company?” is true, one of the most commonly asked questions in a job interview. While you are applying for a job role, you may have to face this question, and it is better to stay prepared. When you make prior preparations for the interview, it becomes much easier to respond.

So, this question may seem unchallenging to answer, though it is not. The most common mistake professionals make giving those same old and repetitive responses, and hiring managers are already tired of hearing similar boring answers from almost every candidate. They expect you to be unique, candid, and impressive. 

When you are sitting in front of the hiring managers to answer, you must try to make an enduring impact with the most incredible response. You need to select the right and the most appropriate words. You don’t have to be exceptional but relatable. 

To achieve the same, the foremost thing is to understand the idea behind the question. 

Reasons Behind Asking The Interview Question – ​​What Can You Bring to the Company

When you know the reason, you find it less challenging to crack. Going blindly without understanding anything does not work. Depending upon your job type and manager’s mindset, there can be more than one reason for an employer to ask this question. A few of the common reasons are:

  • The whole idea behind conducting the interview process is to judge your professional persona. Yes, this is the foremost thing. Interviewers want to understand whether you are the right fit for the role. They want to know if you can perform your role and responsibilities well and contribute to the venture uniquely. They want to hire a person who can simultaneously manage tasks, deadlines, and pressure.
  • Hiring managers want to know your contribution to the company. Every candidature contributes to the business, and there is no point in hiring an employee who does nothing. No company wants to maintain that sack of burden upon its shoulders. Instead, they look for someone knowledgeable and skilled.
  • They look for uniqueness. What do you have but your peers lack? Sometimes, the interview panel wants to see an x-factor in your personality that everyone lacks. It can bring distinction to the projects, which is all they want.

After understanding the idea behind this question, isn’t it easier for you to prepare an answer? Indeed! Now, you will only add relevant points that can give a breakthrough impression. 

A Few Similar Ways to Ask The Question

No rulebook says that the panel will ask you the direct question only. They can test your intelligence and presence of mind here, too, by asking the same-meaning question in a different form. So, what are those synonymous questions?

  • How can you contribute to our company?
  • What can we do for this company?
  • What else can you provide apart from your routine tasks?
  • How can you add value to our venture?
  • What can you give the company?
  • Where do you see yourself in adding value to the company’s success?

And many more,

These are the similar questions that hiring managers may ask you. The meaning and context of every question are identical. You have to be very aware and present with the best of your mental capabilities. Understanding a question is highly necessary to answer precisely. So, whatever the way, you can crack it no matter how!

What to Mention While Answering “What Can You Bring to the Company?

There are several crucial things that you must add while answering the question. By essential items, we mean a list of critical things that you cannot afford to avoid. Add your best! You are there to make a long-lasting impression by giving the best possible answer, and for the correct response, you need to be well-prepared.

We are here with the best of our suggestions. Keep reading!

  • Dedication

Dedication is considered a great formula to crack the interview. When showcasing your commitment, you have already won half of the battle. Hiring managers are looking for people who are dedicated to their venture wholeheartedly. Loyalty is all they need, whether a project or a specific position. 

You must elaborate on how your dedication has worked in a few of your past achievements. Try and interlink the value of commitment with success and how it can contribute to the same. Believe it or not, it is a brilliant idea! 

  • Communication

Communication is integral. If you can communicate well, you can solve dozens of issues without obstructions. Having good communication skills does not mean you master the language only, but it means you perfectly know the value of precision, words, body language, tone of voice, etc. Flaunt your skill wisely. 

The interview panel judges your skills to communicate well, and it is pivotal to mention that you are comfortable conversing with your clients abroad. 

  • Skills and Talent

Can we provide a good service without proper talent in the field? Of course not! You need to tell hiring managers how your skills and talent align with the company’s niche, which will work as a significant aspect. It is ideal to mention that your skills have grown after working with the last company. 

Showcase your skills, including both soft and fundamental ones. Critical thinking, problem-solving, team handling, team building, etc., are skills that you cannot ignore as a professional, and mentioning them is indispensable.

  • Positive Behavior

Positivity is all we need! To develop a good and strong work culture and environment, it is mandatory to adopt positive behavior. A positive attitude opens the door to loads of opportunities and solves multiple issues simultaneously. People find it easier to come and talk if you are all smiling and throwing good vibes. Similarly, you can turn the impossible into the possible with a constructive mindset, which aligns with positivity. 

  • The Ability to Meet Strict Deadlines

It is highly imperative to work under the given deadlines only. Time matters and its management plays a vital role in every project. Mention that you value your and others’ time and are supremely strict with your schedule. It is considered a priority aspect because sometimes, people find it challenging to work under pressure. You need to showcase that you can prove yourself whatever the situation is. 

Time is essential for every employee, and you, being a sincere interviewee, must not miss the same. Moreover, when giving an interview, you must feel responsible and reach on time. This will be the most significant proof of your respect for time. 

  • Multitasking

Multitasking is a considerable skill that can allow you to handle and manage more than one task at a time. If you mention that you are a good multi-tasker, it can increase your chances of selection. No company would want to work with a person with no management skills, whether for a team or projects. It is imperative to learn and earn with time. Multitasking is crucial, and it contributes to your productivity. 

You will feel confident at work when you know the art of multitasking. Apart from the same, you can also save your time, which is also a considerable advantage. 

  • Passion

Can you achieve anything significant without having a great love for your work? No, we don’t think so. When you have a passion for your job, you will not see your work as a burden anymore, and in fact, it will seem enjoyable and undemanding. Passion is exceptionally vital to align the purpose of the venture with your skills and talent.

They want you to work with extreme passion and dedication that comes with sincerity so that you will not feel burdensome. 

  • Uniqueness

Every project manager is looking for people who have unique abilities. Their uniqueness can add something significant to the business, so mentioning your specific capabilities can make a great impression on the interviewers. It is great to have that uniqueness because it allows you to add something that nobody else can have. 

Ok, so you can add any of your unique qualities as per your choice. It should be relevant to the job. 

  • Hard Work

If you are hardworking, you can accomplish more tasks than you are expected to do. Furthermore, you can achieve much more in your career if you wish to perform hard. Tell your hiring managers that you have done loads of hard work in your career till now, and you want to continue the same with a lot more effort. 

This is the authenticated way to improve your performance in the interviews. Specifically, answer with utmost honesty. Everyone likes and respects honesty. It is the best policy, indeed. 

  • Smart Work

Hard work can do wonders, but intelligent work can do more. You can wish to achieve better, but without adopting the innovative work strategies, you may find a few tasks non-achievable. Try to adopt the best approach in practice and mention the same in your interview while answering, what can you bring to the company?”.

We are done with the top 10 “to mention” points in your interview while answering the specific question, but there are many things to avoid. Yes, there must be a balance between “to do” and “not to do” items. We do not want you to get confused, so mentioning some points to ignore. Take a note!

A Few Common Mistakes to Avoid

While we understand that the question being tricky can give you a tough time, you can face the confusion that leads you to fall into negativity and ruin your interview. But no! We cannot let you do the same. Follow the tips mentioned below.

Don’t Go Without Preparation.

You can regret not preparing well before giving the interview. An interview is a stern and strict procedure in the selection process. You must prepare well for every possible question. The answer must be very well organized regarding “what can you bring to the company?. This will increase your confidence and allow you to be creative.

Don’t Be Fake

Do not say anything that is fake and does not hold any value. People sitting in the interview panel are not fools but intelligent and experienced. They can test and verify your answers. When you lie, you are gaining nothing but losing your respect. Be honest and give reasons for your responses. It will add authenticity and integrity to your answer. 

Avoid Negativity

When answering this question, you must avoid spreading any negativity. It is not surprising to hear any unusual questions in the interview, but you must stay positive whatever the situation is. Maintain a beautiful smile and keep answering in a seamless flow to make a great impression on the interviewers. 

Avoid Being Nervous

Nervousness is quite common when you are giving an interview, but do not let it overcome you at any point of the discussion. It is a strong emotion that can completely mess up things, but you cannot afford to do the same, right? Ok, do not let it overshadow your intelligence and intellect. Preparation allows you to stay confident.

What’s On Their Mind?

Imagine going for the interview without having any idea about the company! If you don’t know its prominent services and expectations from your candidature, then it will surely be a tough nut to crack. You will not only find it difficult to answer but also give a wrong impression to the panel. 

If you want to face the interview panel with confidence and give stupendous responses, a thorough pre-research work will help a lot. When you are answering a question, “what can you contribute to the company?” there are two major tasks that can help you achieve the same. Let’s get on them one by one,

  • Know Whatever You Can

Yes, you must know about the company and its business niche. It is not only great to build your confidence, but you can also align your answer accordingly. The best way to learn about a company is to visit its website. Read through its “About us,” “Mission,” “Vision”, and “Services” pages to get a deep insight. From understanding their fundamental idea and work culture to learning about their project’s road map, you will know everything. 

Apart from the same, you can also visit its social media pages. It is a good idea to know their recent developments. From professional announcements to event pictures, you can get a lot. This will help you to form your answer well.

  • Read the Job Description

Job Description lists all the responsibilities of the role that they are expecting from an employee. It also contains information regarding qualifications, eligibility, and skills. Imagine, If you are going for an interview and you don’t have any clue about the role; it will be tough. Read and understand the job description deeply, and try to perceive what the interviewer is looking for! 

Stay true to yourself and your interviewers. Lying is fallacious.
You may find it easy to describe something randomly, but what if they ask
another related question?

Answers For The Interview Question: What Can You Bring to the Company


Ok, so we are pretty confident that you are much informed about the do’s and don’ts of answering the question, what can you bring to the company?” Still, to avoid any confusion, we are assisting you with a few of the sample answers. Kindly take a look and never stop achieving!

Let us start with a reply to the “what can you bring to the company?” for a fresh graduate. 

  • Thank you for asking this question. I have done an internship as a java developer, and that gave me a broader vision of this position’s role and responsibilities. During my internship, I got to develop a basic understanding of core java concepts like design patterns, serialization, and abstract classes and learn about a few very useful java tools, including Apache Spark, Android Studio, and Eclipse. I also had achieved an award as “The Intern of the Month.” I will contribute through the knowledge and skills that I gained from my internship. Being an all-time learner with an “open to suggestions” attitude, I will integrate my hard-working skills with acquired smart work ideas to ensure the on-time completion of quality work. As a fresher, I am willing to improve and make full use of my potential in this company. 

It is very important to mention your internship if you are a fresh graduate. In this sample answer, the candidate is a fresher but makes an accurate impression by mentioning his experience and achievements. He also talks about his soft skills and willing-to-learn attitude that is expected by everyone, especially from a fresher. 

  • I will bring my experience and exceptional skills to increase the sales rate of the product. As a sales executive for the last ten years, I have learned a lot, which has elevated my performance, polished my skills, and allowed me to handle situations better. I can set the right goals and plan strategies to accomplish them. In my previous company, I enhanced the international sales rate by around 45% and got promoted. I find myself very passionate about searching for new prospects for sales, generating leads, and converting them into customers. To this company, I can bring fresh ideas to the table and plan the best ways to achieve them. 

The candidate has a good amount of experience, which he has highlighted well by associating it with a few facts and his work style. An appropriate level of confidence suits an experienced person, and he is flaunting it great. 

  • I have been working in the corporate industry for the last 5 years, and being an HR officer allows me to explore more areas and aspects of this job role. During my previous job, I used to train freshers and deal with various facets of the employment process, including orientation and assistance with payroll management. I can provide multiple core Human Resource services to the company, inclusive of providing counseling on policies, active involvement in recruitment procedures, and implementing the planned HR initiatives. Moreover, I am a good team player. I can bring an abundance of positivity, being a good team player to contribute to the company’s success by delivering the tasks.

This is indeed a potentially great response. The candidate explains him being a good team player with a pinch of positivity. Both these characteristics play an integral role. Also, he is integrating his past job role with what he can offer to the current company. The alignment of skills goes well. 

  • Being a digital marketer completely digs out my skills, talent, and abilities. I love creativity at work. My creative background has allowed me to share great ideas for projects. Whether making posts, taglines or working on web analytics, I can develop different techniques and strategies. I can rank clients’ websites on top search results with a distinctive vision. I introduced several tools and applications that made work much more manageable during my last job. With a lot of creativity and good insight into digital marketing tools, I can drive better search engine results.

The candidate is approaching the hiring managers with his variety of skills at work. He elaborates on creativity which matters a lot in digital marketing. It is good to highlight the talent relevant to the job role. 

  • I love to research. My research abilities help me develop the utmost creative and unique content as a content writer. To your company, I can bring top-notch quality content to the company’s website and any of the clients’ projects. My abilities include SEO writing, blog writing, brand communication papers, research writing, etc. Being a writer makes me happy, and it is my passion to keep writing. 

The interview panel is keen to have a conversation with passionate people. Passion is compulsory in whatever you do. When you, as a candidate, throw or impression of being sincere and dedicated to your work, it strikes the brightness and works in your favor during the interview. 

What Not to Say While Answering

Words create a significant impact. You must know “what not to say” during an interview to avoid unnecessary crap. Kindly take a sincere note of the same. The selection of wrong words may directly impact your performance. While it is normal and natural to get confused or nervous, those words can break your image as an ideal candidate. 

  • “I am an ideal candidate.” It sounds overconfident. You need to be lenient and calm while answering. Do not overdo anything, including expressing your characteristics.
  • “I can work extravagantly.” This answer may make you sound desperate. Over exaggeration is a big NO! Hiring managers already know that everyone joins to work.
  • “I can give new directions to the company.” This is such a big thing to claim in an interview. Without knowing anything in detail, you must not say any such statement.
  • “I can bring money.” A complete negative idea! Refrain yourself from these words. Money should not be the priority, either for you or the company. .


Interviews are crucial for all career options in demand. They are the final step and decide your selection or rejection. The idea behind conducting interviews is to know about your personality and associated traits. You need to be precise, confident, knowledgeable, and positive. Answer with creativity and do great work! Give your best, and crack the deal!