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Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job? With Examples

Last Updated on Apr 13, 2023

“Why are you leaving your current job?” It is a question that may get you stumped while facing the interview panel. You may have your reasons, but which is suitable enough to mention? You possibly cannot say whatever comes to your mind. Also, there is a proper way to curate your response, not to reduce your chances of selection.

The interview is an outright process that lets the interviewer decide whether your candidature is the right fit for the role, and most interviews include this common question. The response should be positive, definite, and detailed simultaneously. You must be very conscious of what you are saying.

In this article, we will be going through the in and out details behind the interview question, “why are you leaving your current job?” Stay tuned and respond impeccably!

Topics to read in this article:

  • What Are The Similar Forms of the Question?
  • How to Answer The Interview Question, Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”
  • What Can Be The Potential Reasons?
  • Do Not Mention The Following Reasons!
  • Examples of The Best Answers
  • Points to Ponder

What Are The Similar Forms of the Question?

It is not guaranteed that interviewers will only ask you this question in these words. Their way of asking can be different, but you need to spot it. Don’t worry! You will have to pay a little attention, and you will be able to understand it effortlessly. It’s nothing like a tough nut to crack.

For your ease, we are jotting down a few popular ways of the same question; take a note!

  • What is the reason for your job change?
  • Why do you want to change your company?
  • Why do you want to go for a job change?
  • What are your reasons for leaving your job?
  • Why do you want to switch?

The above-mentioned are the most common forms of asking this question. Now, you know, so we shall expect a lot of preparation. 

How to Answer The Interview Question, “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

Phrase your answer carefully if you want to make an impact. Avoid being unapologetic and respond succinctly. Your confidence is the key! But, what are the critical elements for answering? Let’s take a look one after one!

1. Lay the Groundwork

We have mentioned that confidence is the key, and preparation boosts confidence. Yes, if you want to dazzle through your performance, prepare well. Do not let any loophole in your preparation strategy overcome your knowledge, intelligence, or experience. 

You can make your game strong by researching well about the company. Visit its website and social media pages to get insight into what they do.

2. Don’t Play the Blame Game

There is no point in revealing the ugly truth while answering. Playing smart will work, instead. There may be a robust or lousy reason for leaving your current job, but avoid badmouthing. It will create a huge negative impression on your hiring managers. 

You can go for a positive and genuine reason. It’s ok if you have had issues with your previous employer, but always be respectful. Sometimes, it tempts you to say something negative, but NO! The interview is not the right situation to make gossip about and may end up creating your impression as a finger pointer.

3. Structure Your Response

A good structure in your answer can make you sound focused and clear. Be organized! Begin your answer by giving a pinpoint reason and then continue with its explanation. Give a thorough detail and align it with your cause; it will be best if you can end it with a pinch of positivity. Moreover, be specific to add value to your answer. 

Structuring your response is an art, and you can be the artist! Behavioral-based questions will not leave you during any of the corporate interviews or other interviews. Well! You must know how to incorporate your reply with proper words and formatting, and also learn to use the STAR (stands for situation, task, action, and result) technique as your all-time strategy.

4. Don’t List Too Many Reasons

It may be possible that you have more than one or two perfect reasons to leave your company, but try to avoid mentioning every reason you have. Instead, stick to one or two relevant ones that are easy to explain. This will be the best approach. You should be comfortable discussing your reason with your hiring manager. 

What Can Be The Potential Reasons?

Now, you know how to structure your answer correctly, but what can be the possible reasons for leaving your current company?

  1. Career Growth: It is justified that you want a good career boost, hence changing the job. It also gives the impression that you are sincerely dedicated to your career.
  2. Work-life Balance: An imbalance in work-life management quickly affects your overall life cycle, which stands out as an impeccable reason for a job change.
  3. Change of Stream: OK! So you may be a content writer but learned SEO techniques and want to work as a full-time SEO executive. This is a strong reason.
  4. Relocation: You have to change your place of residence or a city. Now, you’re looking for a new opportunity.
  5. Better Opportunity: You can simply say that you want to explore better learning opportunities to be a more responsible professional.
  6. A Good Work Culture: Every employee’s right to work in a positive work environment or our capabilities can be quickly suppressed due to toxic work culture.
  7. You Were Over-qualified For Your Role: If you have a higher qualification concerning the role you were working for, it is the straightforward reason for a change.
  8. Better PayScale: We all work for several reasons, and money is a strong reason that may force you to decide on your change. 

Now, we are done with all possible reasons you shall explain while answering the interview question, “why do you want to change your current company?”. You must go for the exact reason that fits your situation and avoid lying. Be honest. It is easy to explain when you are genuine with your reasons. It reflects in your gestures. 

It is a possibility that you can become toxic after a negative experience during your last work, but NO! You cannot let that negativity ruin your impression in front of your hiring managers. Along with the same, you must know what to avoid. 

So, what are those exact words to avoid? Let’s discuss!

Do Not Mention The Following Reasons!

  1. “I don’t like my previous company.” This is not a good thing to say. It makes you in a bad light and reduces your chances of selection. You can choose the right words to express your dislike for the company.
  2. “They are not paying me well.” It is a valid and fair reason, but depending upon how you deliver, it can make or break your impression.
  3. “I am bored and looking for something new.” It is a complete unprofessional response. You should never mention habits or emotional aspects.
  4. “My manager is too rude.” This response is nothing but a blame game, and you must avoid the same. Do not badmouth about anything or anyone; instead, try reflecting good vibes only.
  5. “I do not like my colleagues.” This is the wrong thing to say and leaves your impression in a bad light. We all have differences, and it’s wonderful to sort them out, or at least not let them affect your work.

We are done with all the building blocks to curate the answer to the interview question, “why are you leaving your current job?”.

Stay true to yourself and your interviewers. Lying is fallacious.
You may find it easy to describe something randomly, but what if they ask
another related question?

Why Do You Want to Change Your Job? Examples of The Best Answers


Let us discuss a few sample answers to give you an idea about the structure and details of the responses.  

Pro Tip: You should never talk about performance-related issues or anything you could not handle well. 

  • In the sales department, I achieved challenging targets, including the sales rate, which rose to 40 percent and set some long-term goals. During this whole job experience, I got to learn the implementation of new ideas and strategies. Moreover, I was constantly learning new skills side by side while doing my job. Now, I want to explore myself in a more challenging work environment to allow the growth and development of my skills and professionalism. I want to thoroughly delve into sales and marketing and discover great things to amaze my intelligence.
  • During my 4 years of employment, I have learned the importance of growth, and my current company has no room for my promotion, so I am looking for a fresh opportunity. As a cloud developer in an IT firm, I got to experience the different aspects of this role, including soft, complex, and technical skills, including system architecture and design, microservices and scaling. Now, I think I am entirely ready to take a one-step ahead in my career and capable of performing the role of a team leader with my full abilities and potential.
  • I am working as an Information Security Analyst and have completed 2 years of job duration in a company I joined as a fresher. Now, I want to grow better with my developed and improved skills. I look forward to getting an opportunity with a little more human interaction to improve my communication skills and share and exchange ideas for the company’s overall growth. This is what I am missing in my current role, hence looking for a change.
  • Honestly, I enjoy my current job and the workplace, but the circumstances are unfavorable. I will have to relocate in a while due to unavoidable family reasons, and I am now looking for an opportunity at a nearby place. I learned a lot through my previous employment and experience as a content developer. I am filled with enthusiasm and passion for my work, whichever the workplace is, and I will join your company with improved skills and positivity to enhance the project to higher levels.
  • Though I am happy at my current workplace, I feel I can do much better with my eligibility, skills, and potential. My company is currently progressing, but I see no space for my personal growth. Following my knowledge and experience, I could have performed much more and explored new ways of technical operations if provided with relevant opportunities. This is the core reason forcing me to look for a new job that allows me to use all my capabilities and potential at work.
  •  I am not new to digital marketing but want to take up the role with more of my interest. Being a content strategist, I loved working with the digital marketing team and thoroughly observed the new aspects of marketing through online modes. After a few months, when I got stable, I enrolled in an online course to learn Search Engine Marketing and applied the skills and knowledge to my current role. Now, I feel ready and responsible to take up the full-time opportunity as an SEO marketing specialist.

Points to Ponder

  • Always be confident and believe in your abilities to carry out new challenges.
  • Be honest and genuine, and have faith in your reasons.
  • Explore the new ways to draft your response. 
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Pay attention to the body language.

We have mentioned all the key aspects and rules for responding to the interview question, “why do you want to leave your company?” and hope that it is powerful enough to help you in the most crucial part of the hiring procedure. 

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” — Thomas Edison.

In the end, we welcome you to share your thoughts and suggestions.