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Answering the Question: Why Do You Want to Join Our Company?

Last Updated on Apr 13, 2023

“Why do you want to join our company?” – A challenging question that can help the interviewer to understand the right contender, but at the same time, this question can be confusing or even daunting to the interviewee. Well! We know that interviews may be unsettling sometimes, but they are not an impassable road to cross. 

Interviews are one of the core procedures of the selection process where hiring managers are looking for the best candidate. So, who is the right candidate? The candidate who can be the appropriate fit for the role and adds value to the present team is considered perfect. 

Hiring managers test thoroughly through multiple questions, including “why do you want to work with us?”. If preparation and strategy are unsuitable, you may find it difficult to answer. It is indeed one of the most grueling questions, and many candidates may find it challenging to answer impressively. Here we want you to understand the difference between responding and responding the right way. Welcome to our guide to answering the famous interview question. 

Let’s get started!

The interview panel asks this question to get an insight into your skills and overall personality in terms of professionalism. Above all, you must know the idea behind asking the question. But, it is not a guarantee that the panel will ask you this question in a direct way only. There are a few possible multiple forms of this question.

A Few Probable Ways to Ask – “Why Do You Want to Join Our Company?”

While giving a job interview, it is rare to expect direct questions, but there is nothing to worry about as your confidence is your key.

You can ask this question in different ways,

  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What inspired you to work for our venture?
  • Why did you consider applying for our company?
  • Why do you want to join us?
  • Why do you want to choose us over others?

Yes, these are pretty common questions and mean the same. Whatever the way, you must know to vividly identify and answer the question. The method of responding must be exciting and showcases your excitement for the vacant position. 

What Should You Do While Answering “Why Do You Want to Work With Us?”

While answering the question, you must follow a set of suggestions. It is all about preparation, and if you are going on the right track, you have already won the half battle. The proper preparation strategies work great to maintain your confidence while tackling the question. 

Try the following suggestions to help you frame the promising answer:

  • Know Your Role Well

Whatever be your answer, incorporate your job role very well, and this will help you give an accurate answer to create a positive impression. Knowing your job responsibilities will allow you to add different ideas that enlighten your response. The better you know it, the better your chances of selection are! To know and understand your role well, try to research well and gain some insight. It is a plus point if you have already worked in the same position before.  

  • Flaunt Confidence

Confidence is everything! It is a way of believing in yourself. When giving an interview, it is imperative to showcase your confidence before your interviewer. It increases the value of your answer. 

Do you know how to convince your hiring managers to trust you as a potential candidate? Give confident answers, especially when they want you to answer, “why do you want to work here?” Add points that automatically evaluate and uplifts your self-reliance for a better glance, and keep your reason up to the mark and realistic. 

  • Showcase Your Research About the Company

Before getting your interview scheduled, it is crucial to research and learn about the company. It will give an incredibly remarkable impression to the hiring managers and make them believe that you want to work with them and that your research is the proof. You can also learn about their key accomplishments and achievements, the milestones they have conquered, and awards and recognitions. 

It is an excellent way to make your way through the cutting-edge competition, and this shall also make you more confident, and you will not feel blank while answering questions, including “why do you want to work for our company?”

  • Create a Strong Interview Persona

We understand that you want to be precise and fair, but at the same time, do not lose the key to reality. It is integral to be accurate. Fakeness is far from the truth and weakens your impression. Give a reason that seems natural and authentic. Being your true self and portraying the same summarises your candidature as powerful. 

Discuss why you want to join them as promising employees and what changes you can offer them to add to their venture’s value in the market. It will be direct, short, and crisp.

  • Add Your Work Ethics

Work ethics play a relevant role in the workplace culture. The morals and values are integral to the job role. If you mention the work ethics here, you increase your chances of selection. Try to add your favorite and follow ethics while answering the question. Moreover, try to adjust the characteristics to the job role and keep them precise. Do not exaggerate or show overconfidence, as we have already mentioned. You need to stay in touch with absolute reality. 

You can also emphasize your best trait. It will help you gain some extra points from hiring managers. 

What Should You Avoid While Answering “Why Do You Want to Work With us?”

Similar to what you should follow, there is a list of a few things that you must avoid to curate and deliver your answer appropriately. Let’s have a look,

  • Avoid Personal Reasons

Professionalism is the key. You must avoid giving or mentioning any personal reasons while giving your answer. It reduces the chances of your selection and gives the wrong impression. Hiring managers may not be interested in hearing your reasons or long fictional story. You can mention many things while answering why you want to join them. You can brief them about the company’s positive reputation in the market or express your interest in the niche or domain of the company’s business. 

  • Don’t Be Dull

When you are giving an interview in front of experienced hiring managers, they look for multiple aspects, including your enthusiasm, positivity, and excitement. Whatever you mention through your words, they will still always take note of your expressions and gestures. Showing a dull attitude won’t work. Do not drain your energy while answering any interview questions, specifically if you give them reasons for joining their venture. Show excitement and look anticipated. 

  • Avoid Mentioning Money

Though we all know that money is one of the fundamental factors for us to switch to another job, it is always better to avoid mentioning this reason while giving your response. It will negatively impact the hiring panel, and you may seem greedy. No interviewers want to work with a candidate working only for monetary benefits. Instead, they want core interested and career-oriented people to add worth to their business. 

  • Don’t Overdo

Whatever be the reason, always try to strike a balance between personal and professional personalities. It is imperative! Why are we emphasizing the same? Interviews are sometimes rigid enough to crack. You can easily be confused with different questions and break them simultaneously.

Moreover, you need to maintain a flow of your expressions and emotions. Be steady and consistent. Do not overdo anything, including excitement, positivity, confidence, interest, etc. 

What Must You Include in Your Response? 

You must not forget to mention a few things in your response to the “why do you want to work in our venture?” question. Curating a perfect answer is not something challenging. You must add the following elements to make your reply an impressive one:

  • Your contribution to the venture: While you are trying to give a striking response, try mentioning how you can contribute to the company’s market value and overall success, which can be a strong point. 
  • Include your achievements and accomplishments: If the interviewer asks you to describe your greatest achievement, go ahead with sheer confidence. This is your chance! Your achieved milestones are your strengths, and you must mention them here, which can sum up your answer with a pinch of positivity.
  • Tell them something new: Interviewers are keen to learn something new about your personality, but they may not want to hear the repetitive things from every candidate. Tell them something unique to give an awe-inspiring comeback. 

What Not to Say?

While sitting in front of the hiring panel, getting confused is typical and genuine, but you must refrain from giving unsatisfactory replies. However, there is nothing right and wrong with these types of questions, the way to frame your answer matters. You must try to avoid saying any negative words that ruin your impression. Now, you must be thinking, what can exactly sound negative? These are the answers that no hiring managers want to hear. We will let you run through a few examples,

  • “I am looking for a better pay scale.” Though it’s quite understood that everyone expects a good hike from a new company, it may not be a good idea to mention the same in your interview. It makes you sound like a money-minded person who prioritizes finances over passion.
  • “I view this opportunity as a chance to reach my goal.” This response can also give your interviewers an utterly negative impression. When you are applying for an opportunity, it should be your mere goal to excel in that position. Using that role to reach somewhere else may throw you out of the race if you are using that role.
  • “The position seems exciting and new.” It is excellent if you want to enjoy your work, but telling the same to your hiring manager as a fundamental reason can make the wrong impression. They need sincerity! It can make them feel that you are not so serious about work. The passion brings automatic love for your work that further leads you to enjoy and develop interest. So, it is a passion, not excitement, that you should bring forth in an interview.
  • “I want to relocate to this city.” This is a personal reason and does not seem like a great idea. Moreover, it is a very informal thing to say, which is entirely non-relatable for the job. You must always avoid mentioning your reasons while answering the interview questions.
Stay true to yourself and your interviewers. Lying is fallacious.
You may find it easy to describe something randomly, but what if they ask
another related question?

Why Do You Want This Job? – Sample Answers


So, after going through the multiple aspects of curating the answer, we must treat you with a few of the sample answers, which you can use to formulate your response. It should be precise and meaningful. The below-mentioned sample answers will help you with some great ideas that you can use as inputs in your replies. 

Sample Answer 1:

I am an enthusiastic professional looking for opportunities to grow, and this is the right one. During my research about the company, I learned about the key achievements that inspired me to work here. As a modern-day professional, I want to extend my expertise, and working with your company will give me a stronger identity as an expert. 

I have been working as a full-time programmer for the past four years, which will allow me to contribute to your project using my best capabilities. 


A perfect one! The candidate is explaining his interest in the company and his work. At the same time, he also mentions his research tasks about the company, which are very impactful and strengthened his candidature. 

Sample Answer 2:

I have good experience, and the job role perfectly fits my professional characteristics. In addition to this, I am also impressed by the company’s reputation, and it will be an honor to work with an organization like this one. As a digital marketer, there is no end to learning, and I believe that this organization will help me develop my skills like no other. It will give me a never-ending room to grow. I will be a keen contributor to the company if given an opportunity. 


Contender links his work experience with the job role and explains how his expertise fits the position. He wants to join the company to work and learn, which is a unique point to establish a good impression. 

Sample Answer 3:

Undoubtedly, the company is a brand name, but there are many more reasons to work with you. I am very impressed with the company’s approach to integrating its preliminary work and sideline tasks. I have seen a few behind-the-scenes videos. Employees working for your venture follow discipline and work culture but have fun simultaneously. They are enjoying their work. It reduces the burden on the employees and extracts the best out of them, and this is what I am looking for! 


A candidate is showing his excitement about the company’s work culture. Work culture is a pivotal aspect of any venture, and the candidate talks about the positive impression that he has gained through watching the company’s videos. 

Sample Answer 4:

I am ready to face and accept the more significant challenges at work. Handling the decisive role and associated responsibilities is the dream aspect of any professional. I want to grow differently and better, and this opportunity gives me everything I want, from a broad workspace to handling multiple projects. Furthermore, leading a team is an ideal position with great responsibility. I am pretty excited! I can polish my skills to gain some unexpectedly outstanding results if given a chance. 


Hiring managers look for a person who does not give up, and this candidate shows all traits of perseverance. The candidate shows interest and is keen on taking up at-work challenges with a positive attitude. This can work well. 

Sample Answer 5:

As a fresher, I am very thankful to the organization for giving me a chance. Moving ahead, I would like to learn new skills and use my already-learned tactics in this company to be the best contributor. This will be my first job ever, and I want to begin with a big name who can appreciate my learning curve. Working with this company will open the doors to learning and showcase my talent. I will try my best to make you proud with passion and zeal. 


Employers want to hire someone with an all-time learning attitude, and he is abundant in the same. A candidate is a fresher and shows his keen interest in working with the company. Though he is a newbie, he still knows how to impress the manager with his little skills. 

Wrap Up

Interviews are a big deal and can be the direct gateway to your dream job. You must be well-prepared and not take it lightly. At the same time, do not overburden yourself with loads of negative thoughts. Companies conduct interviews to get an overview and insight into your personality. If you have done great work and possess the expertise, there is nothing to worry about! 

Good luck!