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How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

Last Updated on Apr 06, 2023

When preparing for an interview, it is better to be ready with the most commonly asked questions, and “Why should we hire you?” is indeed one of them. This question is, in fact, one of the favorite questions among hiring managers. Job-seekers may find it difficult to answer as it can make or break your impression on hiring managers. You need to be precise, confident, and honest. Let’s find out the best possible answer that will work as self-explanatory to your interviewer.

Companies do not conduct interviews ONLY to get an insight into your knowledge but to gain the overall idea about your personality. Sometimes, they can be daunting as well. The person sitting in the interview panel wants to know your professional strengths and weaknesses and may try to put you in complex situations through words. 

“Why should we hire you?” is a standard question that a hiring manager may ask you in a few of the below-mentioned ways:

What makes you perfect for this role

  • Why should we consider you?
  • How can you be the right choice for the desired position?
  • What makes you better than other candidates for the role?
  • How much of your knowledge and experience is relevant to the opportunity?

Whatever the way is, the motto of the question remains the same. The hiring manager is looking for the perfect fit for the role, and you need to make an excellent impression. 

Understand the Idea Behind this Question

Yes, before answering any question, you must know the reason or idea behind asking the particular question. The interviewer may want to test your communication skills or try to understand your thought process or overall personality. 

Challenge is not only one-sided. Candidates must understand that interviewers are looking for the best person who fits the role like no other. Like you, they struggle to choose the best for their future upcoming projects. 

You can be a professional risk for your hiring managers. Hiring the best candidate can give them a bonus, or a bad candidate can raise questions about their hiring skills. 

You are qualified! We already know that most candidates reaching the interview stage are entirely qualified and eligible for the position. But is that enough? Not at all – this is why they conduct interview rounds. Being knowledgeable only will not make you catch the job. 

The main idea behind “why should we hire you?” is quite precise. Managers may be checking your communication skills, hand postures, professionalism, knowledge, experience, etc., but they directly want to know the answer in your way. They directly want to see how you are different from other candidates. Take this question at face value. It doesn’t have any hidden meanings. 

Things to Keep In Mind While Answering the Question – Why Should We Hire You?

Before you prepare for your reply, you need to understand a few things. The interview is not about the answers only. The interview panel is not seeking the correct answer, as it is not a numeracy problem, but they are looking for someone with a pleasant personality. The professionalism works here like no other thing.

Let’s go through a few “to-do” things while you answer the question:

1. Be honest

Yes, some people may try to convince you that professionalism has nothing to do with honesty, but NO! That’s a BIG NO. Honesty always works. You must have a few good reasons, choose the most amazing one and impress!

Authenticity in your words is essential. We are sure you do not want to make them feel regretful after seeing your work. If you are honest in the interview and follow the same at work, this will reflect a good impression, even after the interview procedures. Who dislikes a good hike?

People sitting in the interview panel are not dumb, and some are incredibly proficient in catching lies. If you lie, it not only makes you unethical but disrespectful too. When you are about to join a company, they expect you to be honest and dedicated towards work. You can make a fantastic impression while being truthful.

2. Showcase Conviction

Having a good sense of confidence can make you ace the interview. When answering “why should we hire you?”, you must know that corporations need confident employees to understand and perform well in their projects. Low-key confidence does not work. You must converse with them with a perfect and right amount of conviction. 

Ideally, whenever the hiring managers are taking the interview, confidence is one of the first few aspects they look for, and it is equally important in this particular question. Be calm and composed! Do not rush to prove yourself. You must have faith and determination in your answering capabilities. 

To improve your confidence while answering the question, you must practice before nailing it in the actual interview process. Try different answers with confidence. 

3. Know the Company Well

You must research well about the company before going for the interview. It will increase your confidence level and help you co-relate the answer with the company’s genre. Yes, for example, if you know that a company has been in digital marketing for years, you can say that your enthusiasm for digital marketing domains has improved a lot.

Or, you can also give them a few examples of catching the market, which is the best way to influence the interview panel. You can try to convince them by showcasing how your skills can overcome the venture’s challenges. 

Hiring managers love to hear if you have a good grasp of their organization’s history. You can also explain how this business’s struggle has inspired you to be a part of it. The struggle part is the hot iron to hit. 

4. Assessing the Job Role

Keeping everything aside, your job role is the utmost-essential aspect. While answering “Why should we hire you?”, you must try to relate your relevant skills and experience to the position. You can explain how your expertise can help you perform your role better. 

To understand your role better, you must research the company and its offered position. Go through the relevant references, read, and understand. Try to make your answer helpful for them, and this is amazing when you give a productive answer instead of expressing your traits only. 

It has a tremendous impact on hiring managers if you know your job well. So, evaluate your position and its work. 

5. Show Excitement

Nobody wants to hire a lazy person. If you are going for the job interview and showing no interest in answering the “Why should we hire you?” question, this may work against you. Your behavior is fundamental, inclusive of your expressions and emotions. Try to be excited about the offered job role, and this will directly impact your answer in every sense. 

The panel can catch the detachment! Try to convince them with loads of enthusiasm and positivity while answering them, and you will not have to put any extra effort into impressing them. You must boost your energy level before going for the interview!

You must boost your energy level before going for the interview!

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Stay true to yourself and your interviewers. Lying is fallacious.
You may find it easy to describe something randomly, but what if they ask
another related question?

Things to Avoid While Answering The Question – Why Should We Hire You?

Just like what you must do, you must avoid a few things while answering the question – “why should we hire you?” You can be more careful and prepare well during the interview and increase your chances of selection. 

1. Personal Reasons

There may be some justified personal reasons but kindly choose to avoid them. There is no need or space for personal stuff here. We are not asking you to lie, well! Every situation has a personal and professional aspect, and you can choose to demonstrate the professional one only. This will make you a simple-to-understand candidate who respects corporate ideas and values.

2. Negativity

Yes, you may feel desperate for the opportunity, and that leads to negativity, too, sometimes. Multiple thoughts may come to your mind, including the negative ones. You may feel like saying, “I am perfect for the role as no one else could match my skills.” This could be an actual thing, but not a positive thing to say in an interview, or maybe somewhere else. Don’t give any negative vibes. There must be a balance between your thoughts and vibes. You can avoid being negative by losing your overconfidence. If you are a person who is too much confident, shred the over positivity from your mind. 

3. A Long Story

The hiring manager is waiting for your precise and summarised answer – not a whole story. Be concise and use a few sentences to give your reason. The best way to answer is – to give a two-three word reason and then explain it, but again! The explanation should be three-four paragraphs long. Everyone likes it when you present them directly and briefly; the people sitting in the interview panel are also human beings. They may get bored of your lengthy summaries and stories and reject you. 

4. No Preparation

The question may be simple but can give you a tough time. The answer can itself raise questions. For example, if you say, “I am perfect for the role as I am the best.” The manager will ask you, “How?”

It is not an objective examination. You can take your time to summarize your past achievements and experience in a few words to describe your answer. 

Practice makes a man perfect! Try practicing your answer in the correct pitch to impress your interview panel. You can try in front of a mirror with a good voice pitch, tone, and hand gestures. Expressions are also important! – Just a reminder!

5. Overconfidence

Your interview is critical to your career growth, and we are sure you don’t want to mess things up. Moreover, it is incredible if you are confident about yourself, but overconfidence is known to ruin things.

Having a good level of self-confidence can raise the bar for other candidates, and you can easily impress the panel. But, at the same time, it is very integral for you to learn the difference between confidence and overconfidence. Arrogance can destroy the things in the room. Avoid using words or sentences that make you sound like an overconfident professional. Instead, try to be polite and confident, giving a kind of self-reliance and self-love. 

How to Curate the Perfect Answer?

Well! The right time has come to nail the interview.

Cracking the interview is not an impossible job! While answering, you can try keeping the do’s and don’ts in your mind to craft the best answer? Yes, be strong and positive about yourself. 

It is the same opportunity to convince the hiring managers. You can make or break it, and we are sure you will do it! 

Moreover, you may have one particular reason or a couple of great reasons to tell them. You must combine all of the possible causes in one precise answer. 

You can start from scratch. Try to find out a few of the great reasons you want to tell in front of them. You can also write those reasons in the notepad so you don’t forget. Furthermore, you can also take references from the below-mentioned aspects to curate your answer in the best way. 

Overall Experience

Explain your overall industry experience. It is very different from your experience with one particular job in any organization. The overall experience in the job role matters! Your exposure is significant, and we advise you to mention the same and this is the right way to make their mind in your favor. 

A pivotal point to be noted here is that experience includes the past job roles and the sideline tasks. For example, if you are a digital marketer having skills in team management, you must mention it to gain some extra points. 

Key Achievements

We must never miss mentioning our achievements! It may include your thorough accomplishments or your work with big clients. You can make the strongest impression! Stand out with the uniqueness that you already have.


Education is an excellent way to showcase your specialties. It is always great if your degrees and job role are aligned, but not a big deal, even if they are not. Mention your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and the diplomas or any certifications, if you have any. Education has always been a vital facet to describe in the interviews, and you must not miss the same. 


Can you perform better without having any skills? Of course not! Try to demonstrate the skills. By skills, we mean both soft and technical skills. 

  • Soft Skills
    From communication to conflict resolution, soft skills are considered one of the most crucial parts of the corporate world. Work ethics are salient to the workplace culture. From your behavior to the team management, hiring managers do not forget to look out for these characteristics in the desired candidate.
  • Technical Skills
    Technical skills are on priority, and that is why you must look for the ways to improve your technical skills. How much software are you familiar with? How to use the additional plug-ins? Etc. You can also mention several programming languages and how proficient you are in data analysis, technical writing, or project management. Everything matters!

In addition to the points mentioned above, you may try to ask the following questions yourself to help you come out with the best answer:

  1. What makes me unique from others?
  2. What keeps me going?
  3. What are my strengths during my role performance?
  4. What are my shining accomplishments?

“And, that is why I am perfect for this role.”

Yes, you can curate the perfect answer yourself! 

Now that you’ve added every massive point to your answer, keep practicing it for the best results. 

Check Out Some Examples


Are you still stuck? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out in the right direction. We have curated some of the best answers that you can use as a sample to excel in your job interview while answering the “why should we hire you?” question. 

Do not forget to customize your answer following the situation and specifications. 

Example 1: 

You mentioned that you’re looking for a candidate with proficiency in two to three programming languages. I am well-versed in Javascript, C++, and Python. I have had hands-on experience with these languages while using them on different projects. It makes me an accurate fit for the offered role. I have proved my expertise in agile development processes from international clients to working on cross-department projects with seven years of experience. Alongside the same, I have polished my soft skills by managing a team of ten to twelve employees at a time.


The answer is evident to the point and showcases the relevant qualifications needed for the job position. The candidate is mentioning the experience and soft skills, which works well. Hiring managers never neglect a good set of soft skills, and saying them is never a bad idea. 

Example 2:

I have the learning attitude that keeps me going. In digital marketing, I have done two successful internships with well-known media and production companies, where I learned the profound aspects of this domain. During my first internship, I was responsible for managing social media and its analytics. In contrast, in the second internship program, I put forth my efforts to give the best SEO results through content marketing and SEM. The overall experience I gained makes me fit for the role. 


The candidate is demonstrating his work experience during internships, one after one. He is a fresher and emphasizes describing past experiences, and that is a good-to-go way of explaining yourself. It gives the kind of not-so-fresher impression on the hiring managers. 

Example 3: 

Based on the research I have done for this company and offered a job position, you are looking for someone skilled in graphic design with good knowledge and experience with infographics. My past work experience is in accurate alignment with what you are looking for. I have handled successful projects for media design for the past two years. I have achieved good acquaintance with my work, from motion graphics to user-interface graphics. Also, I am adept in art and illustrations, publication, and advertising graphic design, making me a perfect fit for the role. 


The candidate is sharing experience directly. Having a well-versed practice in different types of work plays an integral role in front of the interview panel. People sitting there want a pinpoint description, and this answer justifies the same. The candidate explains the variety of work that they have done. 

Example 4:

To begin with, I would like to mention that I have all the required skills and qualifications that make me the right candidate for this position. In addition to this, I am very much optimistic about my work ethic and practical experience in the field. I can directly impact the company’s project with my passion, dedication, and talent. I have managed a team of eleven people, which increased my team-building skills. Having strong communication skills and confidence, I have dealt with some conflicts and resolved them with complete justification at the workplace. 


In the end, hiring managers want someone who can scale the business up. The person uses communication skills to excel in the interview for the given question. He describes how his participation and involvement in the project will help the company, which is the exact way of showing his excitement about the job role. 

Example 5:

I am glad you asked this particular question as I am excited and keen to explain the same. As I demonstrated today, I am well-experienced because of my past job roles and project handlings; I can contribute directly and indirectly to the offered position. My analysis skills are up to the mark. I can drive the best market results with my capabilities in financial work. My passion for finance and accountancy has made me get here successfully, and I will continue to perform better if we get to work together, hopefully. 


The candidate gives an explanatory answer by combining how his experience and interest can benefit the company. He is explaining his key areas of interest, and on the other, he is talking about his passion and learning attitude, which is a positive idea and can make the right impact on the interviewers. 

Example 6:

Indeed, this is a complex question. I have a few reasons to be the right fit. If I start with the work experience, I am a well-experienced candidate having ten years of on-field experience with multiple national and international projects. While working with them, I improved my communication, team leading, time management, and writing skills. In my last project, I increased their efficiency by 34% within two months, and the company also gave me a promotion and recognition for the same. I am a candidate that can make your business reach the right audience because of my particular skills, and I call them my superpowers. 


A candidate is describing his/her journey of work very well and how the person is experienced with multiple tasks and projects. The demonstration of soft skills integrated with technical skills is appreciated. The person has also explained his recent accomplishment of making a positive impression on hiring managers. The way of explanation also contributes directly. 


In the end, we would like to mention that you must be very optimistic about the job role. We understand nervousness is quite common and natural, but controlling that emotion is in your hands. Preparation can upgrade your confidence, and you will not get surprised or blank after hearing this question in an interview. In most situations, we already know the answer to the question, “why should we hire you?” but still find it tough to explain. Keep practicing!

Working in a fantastic and satisfactory job in the corporate world is an extraordinary yet most-liked thing. We understand the concerns before giving the interviews, but nothing can stop you when you are well-prepared and confident. Keep believing in yourself.