8 Communication Tips if You are Working from Home

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  • | Updated on October 28, 2021

The emergence of a digital transformation era has encouraged many companies to move to a work-from-home model for their employees. While this may initially seem like bliss, remote work can also come with its drawbacks. And that mainly comes in the form of communication. In this post, we will discover 8 Communication Tips if You are Working from Home.

Communication plays one of the most critical roles in deciding the future of your job or business. It is vital when we are working from home, and we no longer have the opportunity to have those corridor conversations. Whether your work is going to be successful or not entirely depends on communication.

8 Communication Tips if You are Working from Home

So, given below are 8 Communication Tips if You are Working from Homely while working from home –

1. Involve Everyone in the Conversation

Involving everyone in a virtual meeting is a tough job in itself. And you need to be proactive during the whole online meeting.

Giving time to everyone involved in a meeting is very important, and that will make your work for home more efficient. And no one will feel isolated or left in the dark.

2. Ask for Communication Preference

It would be best if you considered the medium of communication. You don’t want a notification you’re your salary has been received, or maybe your company is closing via text message. You rather want to receive those messages face to face.

So, before communicating, always think about what is the most appropriate medium to communicate that message or any message in that case? Sometimes it happens that your senior might prefer to communicate via emails, whereas your colleagues prefer using instant messaging apps or video calls.

Now, the preference for different platforms creates a big issue while working from home.

3. Planning of Communications

Communication inside a remote organization should be planned effectively, and it should be purposeful. You can’t ask for minutes or, in that case, a time break to organize your scattered thoughts. You can not just walk into a meeting and put your point in an online meeting. 

4. Try to Learn New Technology

Adapting to new communication tools is very important. And now email is not the only option to communicate. We have many digital platforms that ease the transition to a remote work setting and allow for better collaboration.

We have applications like Skype, Google Meet or WhatsApp to make our communication more accessible and effective. Thus, learning all the new technologies is essential.

5. Give Some Time to Respond

One of the most incredible benefits of working from home is the comfort of working in your space and at your time. But it puts forward many challenges in communication. And everyone needs to understand this.

Everyone needs to understand that giving time to respond in remote working is essential. You should be sure that you provide plenty of time to the person you are communicating with.

6. Check Your Devices and Their Connectivity

In remote communication, your electronic devices and internet connectivity play very important roles. You don’t want to have any issues while you are in between a meeting or conference.

Thus, checking the charge of your devices and their internet connectivity is very important. This will also help you to concentrate on your work thoroughly.

7. Consider Your Timing

If you are communicating with your colleagues, then you are communicating over an instant messenger as you are going to communicate regularly. So, Keeping time in mind while working from home is very necessary.

You can’t expect that the other person is online all the time. Don’t text too late or without informing. Keep in mind the comfort of the other person in your mind and work accordingly.

Lack of sensibility about time can frustrate the other person. And it can also decrease the productivity of your work.

8. Keep Your Tone in Check

We know that facial expression and body language play a significant role in communication. But, what about online meetings?

So, in these virtual meetings where your colleagues may not be able to see you, you need to watch your tone.

You need to make people feel respected and heard. Then you should keep your tone down but loud enough to be heard. And if you are writing any message or mail, you need to take care of suggestions use.


So, through this article, we got to know the importance of communication while working from home. If you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you know some more tips that can help in better communication while working from home, let us know in the comment section given below.

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