How to Answer a Question on your Work Style?

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  • | Updated on October 25, 2021

When we are asked to come in for an interview and sit down to prepare, we are already aware of the most common questions we will most likely encounter. In this post, we will discuss how to answer a question on your work style?

There will be questions about your work history, whether you are a team player or not, and the ever-famous “why should we hire you?”. 

But there is one question that might throw you for a loop. It is a question that requires careful deliberation. The question is: What is your work style?

Don’t get confused here. It is safe to assume that the interviewer is not asking about the style of clothes that you will be wearing to work. 

How to Answer a Question on your Work Style?

Rather, work style refers to how you will fit into the existing work culture of their office. With this question, the interviewer is carefully trying to assess how you will mesh with the people who currently work at the company. 

Every company has a certain culture or manner of approaching work, and the interviewer will want to know whether you will be compatible with them or not.

To prepare for this question in the interview, How to Answer a Question on your Work Style?Ask yourself these smaller questions: 

Working Alone or Collaborating

Firstly, ask yourself what do you prefer more- working solo or collaborating with others? Remember, in most jobs; there will be a need for collaboration at some point or another. You will never be working in a vacuum. 

The interviewer is hoping that you will say that you are a team player and you love working with a large group of people. However, if you actually like to work independently, you don’t need to lie.

Just add that even though you prefer working alone, you can effectively collaborate with your colleagues as well if the situation calls for it. Make it clear that you will always be open to feedback from your boss and your colleagues. 

Working with the Boss

The biggest trouble people have with their jobs is not getting along with their boss. 

Ask yourself what kind of boss would you prefer? Are you someone who will get irritated and annoyed with a boss who likes to micromanage and who will constantly be standing over your shoulder while you work? Or are you someone who will actually prefer constant supervision while on the job? 

These questions will help you realize what kind of boss you would like to work under. Once you know that, you will be able to answer the question about your work style properly. 

Office Communication 

In simpler times, there were only two ways to communicate- in person or over the phone. With the advent of the internet, there are far too many forms of communication. 

For a long time, email was obviously the preferred form of communication in most companies, but now a lot of offices are using apps or programs for interoffice communication. 

Most of the work communication will be done through one of these apps, so you should let the interviewer know if you are comfortable with using them. Maybe you prefer emails or face-to-face interactions more. 

Preferred Hours

These days offices are more flexible with their work hours. For instance, if most workers like coming into work later in the morning and work late into the evening, that becomes part of the work culture. 



So, when an employer asks you about your work style, he is trying to see if you would fit into the existing work culture of the company. If your hours are compatible with the company’s timings, you will fit in more comfortably. 

How would you answer the question about work style in an interview? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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