How to Withdraw a Resignation

Resignation in itself is something that scares the best of us, Leaving an organization and embarking on a new journey takes courage but, something that takes…

Resignation in itself is something that scares the best of us, Leaving an organization and embarking on a new journey takes courage but, something that takes even more courage is the humility to withdraw a resignation. 

How to withdraw a resignation can be a dreadful question, but we are here to answer it for you.

Factors you should consider before you withdraw a resignation

  • Research! Research! Research!

Every country, wait, no, even every state has different legal procedures about resignation. It would help if you researched in depth before going ahead with the renouncement of resignation. Prior research will protect you from wrongful termination and is a wise practice before making any formal decision. You might want to study the company’s policy handbook in depth to understand employment and resignation policies better.

  • Communicate with the HR or Manager

Do not shy away from opening a line of communication with the HR and manager. They can help you determine options that will allow your continuance with the organization. Communication will help you stay updated in case they might have hired your replacement or if there are new openings and other critical information for your future with the company.

  • Prepare evidence

Preparing evidence will help you establish why you should continue your venture with the company.

Example: Your resignation might have been because you were shifting abroad for further studies, and the plan somehow changed. You can support this with proof of proper receipts and other official information from the university.Evidence will help you give valid reasons backed up with evidence and establish you as a genuine employee who takes responsibility.

  • Keep up the performance.

Even if you do not want to type a resignation withdrawal, this is for anyone who has drafted a resignation letter, DO NOT SLACK! The world is too small, and industries usually function like conglomerates. Even if your resignation is confirmed, you don’t want your new hiring company to think you take work casually. Consistent good work will come in handy for a resignation withdrawal as it will showcase you as someone who prioritizes their commitment to the organization and is a motivated worker.

How to withdraw a resignation

A Check-list for your resignation withdrawal- 

  • Brevity

In the event of a resignation withdrawal, nonchalance will take you nowhere. You should mention the essential details but also remember it is not a letter to apologize but to inform your decision to stay with subtle hints of promise and regret that you will be more careful in the near future. Mention what is needed and keep it short and simple. 

  • Proof-reading

To make sure the resignation withdrawal is not clumsy, proofread it and ask a friend if you are not very sure about your grammar or vocabulary. You can even use online tools for help like Grammarly and Hemingway (free).

  • Retraction statement

Keep your retraction statement short, simple, and to the point.It should highlight the subject and remember to mention the date of resignation and the withdrawal of it to establish a timeline.Withdrawing (Insert date) and you would like to continue in your present role as (Insert job title)

  • Proper justification

Remember that resignation withdrawal is a specific consideration you are asking for, so make sure you thank the organization and give a proper justification and reason behind your decision.

Example: You filed a resignation as your grandmother, staying in a separate state was in critical condition, and you had to be there to support her. She might have started to recover and is now being shifted nearby due to better healthcare facilities. You can attach doctor’s notes and bills for proper proof and justification.

  • Why you?

Management has a right to decline your consideration, so highlight how your continuance will benefit their future.Mention your commitment and skills humbly, and you can also highlight any achievements you might have gathered in your tenure with the company.

Sample Resignation Withdrawal letter 

Karen Scherbatsky 

ATS Village

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201305



June 21, 2022

Barny Singh


Absolute Enterprise

Logix office towers

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

Dear Barny,

I am writing this letter to request you withdraw my resignation dated May 17, 2022. I would be highly grateful to be allowed to continue with my position as UX Designer for the absolute enterprise.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider this request, and I will make sure to serve this company with the same passion and dedication I have been for the past six years. 

I wish to continue growing with this organization and have no further plans to leave.

Thank you for the support and consideration



Barny Singh


Sample resignation Withdrawal Email 

Kelly Mehta (Your Name)

Content Writer (Your Post)

Shehnaaz Suri (Manager’s name)

HR Manager(Manager’s Title)

Dear Shehnaaz,

I am drafting this letter to withdraw my resignation dates (6/20/22) from my position as a Content writer (Job title).

I no longer wish to leave this organization and request you to allow my continuance as a content writer, which is my current position.

I take responsibility for my actions and understand the inconvenience caused by my resignation mail.

I apologize sincerely for this and would be grateful if you could grant me the withdrawal.The decision behind my resignation was the ill health of my grandmother, and I had to shift to Orissa to support her.

However, with god’s blessings, her health is better, and she is shifting to Noida; hence, I will be able to continue working here.

If allowed, I will be willing to serve this organization which has helped me utilize my potential and continue to bring success to the management team. It has been reflected in the quarterly report reviews of my performance. I believe with my expertise and love for the organization. I can be of immense value to our company.

I understand the inconvenience caused, but I assure you that with the change in my plans and situation, I will continue to grow at Netflix India for a long and successful term.

I have attached the doctor’s note as proof of my reason for withdrawing my resignation.

Thank you for considering my request for withdrawal of resignation and reinstatement as a content writer. 


Kelly Mehta (Your name) 

Now that you are well equipped with the tactics of “how to withdraw a resignation,” there is no need to be cold feet. YOU GOT THIS!



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