Personality Tests to Help you Pick the Right Career

Picking a career is a stepping stone in the life of any individual. It is excruciatingly stressful and something you have been mechanized to look forward…

Picking a career is a stepping stone in the life of any individual. It is excruciatingly stressful and something you have been mechanized to look forward to since childhood. “Mera beta toh doctor banega” and “engineering will make you money” are a few things each one of us has heard from our parents or someone else’s,

What if I told you personality tests to help you pick the right career can help you make more rational and well-thought decisions this is precisely what we will be discussing in this blog, so fasten your seatbelt and get ready for this ride to success. 

Personality Tests to Help you Pick the Right Career 

I am not saying that this is all you would need to pick a job but sure, these personality tests will help you know yourself better and exploit your potential to the best! The saddest thing in life is wasted potential ~ Robert De Niro 

  • Belbin six team roles

In most organizations, working takes place in a team, and every team member plays a different part with their distinct skill and personality. Let’s find out which team player you are. Are you 

  • Thought oriented?

If this is the box you ticked, then you can either be a

  • Plant: Presenting new ideas and approaches
  • Monitor-Evaluator: Analyzes the options
  • Specialist: Provides specialized skills
  • Action-oriented?
  • Shaper: Challenges the team to improve
  • Implementer: Puts ideas into Actions
  • Completer Finisher: Ensures thorough and timely completion
  • People-oriented?
  • Coordinator: Acts as a chairperson
  • Team worker: Encourages Cooperation
  • Resource Investigator: Explores outside opportunities

  1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 

MBTI Test, created by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katherin Briggs, is based on Carl Jung’s work. This test is also known as the 16 personality types test.

By identifying how you function in an environment by measuring the contradictory parameters of 

  • Extraversion and Introversion 
  • Sensing and Intuition
  • Thinking and Feeling
  • Judging and Perceiving 

By taking this test, you can –

  • Understanding your working with teams
  • Understanding stress reactions 
  • Identifying your Communication style, Leadership style

And with this, you can develop yourself by enhancing your unique-

  • Conflict resolutions skills 
  • Leadership style
  • Change Management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  1. Careers strengths test

The Careers strengths test is based intrinsically on career and its development. The questions in this personality test are based strongly on job-related areas, which measure facets of leadership, structural visualization, and inductive reasoning. Jobs best suited for you will pop up once you get the results. It is excellent for people to figure out themselves and explore various career paths.

  1.  MAPP Career Assessment test

Even though this test is particularly lengthy and will take somewhat over 22 minutes, it is one of the most renowned after the MBTI or Myers-Briggs type indicator.

  • 71 Questions regarding your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes.’  

Did you know?

Since its inception in 1995, the MAPP Career Assessment test has been taken by nearly 8 million people.

You can take this comprehensive test online.

  1.  Archetype test

Also, based on studies done by Carl Jung, this test will help you categorize your personality under 12 archetypes. 

According to Jung, these archetypes are imprinted and hardwired into our psyches.

The 12 archetypes-

  • The innocent:
  • Qualities: Happiness, optimism, romance, youth, safety, and goodness.
  •  Examples of companies based on this- are Coca-Cola and Dove
  • The Everyman: A seeker of connection and belonging
  • Qualities: Supportive, faithful, and down-to-earth.
  • Examples of companies based on this- are IKEA and eBay.
  • The Hero: Hold a mission to make the world a better place.
  • Qualities: Courageous, inspirational, and bold.
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Nike and BMW
  • The Rebel: Questions authority and likes to break rules
  • Qualities: Revolution and Rebellion
  • Examples of companies based on this- Harley-Davidson
  • The Explorer: Seeks thrill of new experiences
  • Qualities: Travel, Discovery, and risk.
  • Examples of companies based on this- Red Bull and Jeep
  • The Creator:
  • Qualities: Inventive, driven, and imaginative
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Adobe and Lego
  • The Ruler: Likes to create order from chaos.
  • Qualities: Stern, stoic, and controlling 
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz
  • The Magician has the vision to create something unique and dreamy.
  • Qualities: Spiritual and visionary.
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Disney and Apple.
  • The Lover: 
  • Qualities: Love, passion, commitment, and romance
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Victoria’s Secret and Chanel.
  • The Caregiver:
  • Qualities: Protection, compassion, generosity, and nurture.
  • Examples of companies based on this- are UNICEF and Johnson & Johnson
  • The Jester: Likes to bring joy to the world and is a little mischievous
  • Qualities: Love, passion, commitment, and romance
  • Examples of companies based on this- are Old Spice and M&M
  • The Sage: Wants the world to gain more profound wisdom and insight
  • Qualities: Love, passion, commitment, and romance
  • Examples of companies based on this- Google and Philips.
  1. Big five personality test


This test is based on how you communicate with others.

This test measures ‘The big five” personality traits 

  • Openness to experience
  •  Extraversion
  • Conscientiousness
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

 Measured on a continuous scale, the Big five personality test, even though a little controversial, is still favored and protected by psychologists.

  1. Quotient test 

You can use this test to measure your quotients in

  • Intelligence: 

The average IQ or Intelligence quotient of a person is 100. If you achieve a higher score, congratulations! People with this are highly effective with numbers and coming to realistic solutions.

  • Emotional:

An emotional quotient or EQ is based on your intelligence in self-awareness, social- awareness, self-management, and relationship management.

For example- HR Personnel usually are EQ driven.

  • Other Quotients (Not commonly used but still effective)- Social Quotient and Adversity Quotient.
  1. Left-Brain/ Right- Brain test

           The goal is to find a balance between the left and the right brain, but usually, even though we operate on both, one occupies most of our cognitive abilities.

  • Left-brain: Analytical, Good with numbers, proof driven 

Example- Albert Einstein

  • Right-brain: Creative, dreamy, and artistic

Example- Frida Kahlo

Tips for taking tests online

  • Reflex answers- Rather than trying to be intellectual or overthinking about which option to tap on, answer with what your intuition says and what comes to you as a reflex.
  • Take everything with a pinch of salt- Even though these tests are beneficial no matter what step of the career ladder you are on.

    Take these tests more like a suggestion than truth carved in stone. Now that you have discovered the recipe for personality tests, It is your turn to cook your unique road to success!


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