Do You Know These Minor Flaws Can Lead To Rejection Of Your Resume

Howdy. Well, I can guess that many people who are here reading this article are Freshers or students who are still working hard for their dream Jobs. Let’s just not make you wait so long and let’s Introduce myself first- I am Aamir Qutub, an Indian by Birth and now a resident of Australia. People also know me as the founder of Enterprise Monkey. Today I am going to share my experience as well as the reasons that why a recruiter rejects your CV even if you have inked some really great achievements on it.

Rejection Of Your Resume

Enterprise Monkey has undergone a huge expansion in the last one year, due to which we hired many new people in the company. Having new employees are always challenging as you are not certain about their working skills. HR Team usually reviews thousands of CVs every month. Even after such struggle we hardly find one or two suitable candidates, I will reason it out later in this article.

Criteria on which My company usually rejects a number of applications and makes it easier for our HRs to reject 95% applicants just on the basis of their resume. Let’s see if your resume fits into my criteria or not.

Does Your CV Has A Cover Letter

Cover letters are the most ingredient part of your dish and if you don’t have it, you will never be able to be a chef. On a simple note, it gives the recruiters the opportunity to know you better. Also, he will be able to identify that why you will be the best candidate among others for his organization.


Does Your Resume Has Any Thing Different Than The Crowd

Every single person who is willing to get any job is probably a graduate. He might have scored better than you as well. But what makes your resume different than others? Students usually give importance to marks and percentages than extra-curricular activities but this is one of the most important things which needs to be added along with other necessary information.

Being a recruiter myself, I would rather hire a person who printed a college magazine or organized a college fest rather than someone who spent his college life in books.

Rejection Of Your Resume


Don’t make it long or Fancy

It’s always good to limit the words of your resume. Better make it simple and cover it in one page, only if you have an experience less than 10 years. Add relevant stuff only and don’t add something which may lead to your rejection. People usually add their hobbies, so do not add such vague things, no recruiter is interested to know what games you like.


Do not make communication mistakes

A recruiter may not want every little information on your CV but do mention the URL of your social profiles like LinkedIn. It is a fact that more than 90% of recruiters check a candidate’s profile before hiring them for their company. Your summary statement is copied or generic, recruiters can recognize it by just looking at it.





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