10 Struggles We All Experience While Working from Home

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  • | Updated on October 27, 2021

This current pandemic has forced many of us to start working from home. The idea of working in your PJs and the comfort of your home, you don’t have to wear formal clothes, you are away from the staring eyes of your boss, and no work politics are involved. In this post, we are going to discuss 10 struggles we all experience while working from home.

All these reasons make work from home sounds so fascinating. But we all know that reality is different. Although working from home has reduced the travelling time. But it presents its disadvantages. 

According to Forbes, despite being digital natives, 95% of generation Z and 93% of millennials are having a tough time while making the transition to the virtual work environment.

And in this article, we will talk about the struggles involved while working from home.

1. Distractions

It is the first significant issue that comes to our mind when we think of problems we face in working from home. While being surrounded by your home environment and constant reminder of household chores, it becomes hard to concentrate on your work.

The idea of home may even tempt you to sleep during working hours. So, you may keep getting distracted while working from home. 

2. Managing Your Schedule and Time

Working from home might seem very comforting. The idea of waking up without any alarms and sleeping on your own time can be too tempting. But this temptation is not too accurate.

10 Struggles We All Experience While Working from Home

Working from home can disturb your daily routine, and sleeping untimely and waking up late can wreck your physical and mental health.

3. You Feel like Working all the Time

Working from home can make you feel like always working. You don’t exactly know when to switch off the work button and start your routine.

Work time can involve some personal work a bit, leading to mismanagement of time. And you can feel that you have worked more than usual.

4. Communication Gap

This is one of the major disadvantages of being a telecommuter. You don’t get to talk to your seniors or your colleagues about any issue.

Generally, nonverbal communication takes place through texts and emails. And it increases the chances of getting misunderstood. Along with misunderstanding, this decreases the quality and productivity of work. 

5. Feeling of Social Isolation

Lack of physical presence in a workplace for a long time can make you feel isolated even in a meeting of hundreds. No real social interaction takes place in virtual meetings, and it increases the loneliness among people. And this can damage your mental health severely.

6. Mixing Up of Personal and Professional Life

Working from home blurs the line between personal and professional life. You no longer have a clear division between the two.

Home is ideally meant for relaxing and calming oneself down. And the office is intended for work. But trying to manage both of the responsibilities in a single place becomes very tedious.

7. Becomes Boring and Regular

Work from home becomes very dull after a while. Lack of interaction with your co-workers can be a reason. And this decreases the motivation to work.

10 Struggles We All Experience While Working from Home

Following the same schedule without going out and meeting anyone reduces the quality of work and messes up with your mental health.

8. Misunderstanding between Family Members

A home is a place where you relax and spend time with your loved ones. But when you start carrying your work home or start working from home, the whole idea of having a home fade away.

When you stay at home, your family members may not be able to understand your problem every time, or they feel like even if you are not working, you are not giving them time. All these reasons create issues among family members.

9. Promotion Hurdles

Mostly, a lack of motivation is seen among people who work from home. And this decrease the personal level of productivity. 

Sometimes, even after working day and night, your hard work goes unseen by the seniors. All these points are the reasons which create hurdles in your promotion.

10. Overall Company Growth

Not just promotion at a personal level, but the overall company growth is affected due to long term work from home. You are unable to discuss ideas and strategies, and new plans don’t come across very easily in your mind.


So, all the points we talked about above show us that there are several problems while working from home. But it is not at all like you can’t overcome these problems.

Holding online meetings regularly, maintaining a proper work schedule and taking out your time from all the hectic routine can be a few steps to start with.

Do you find it easier than a regular office going culture? Please let us know your ideas and suggestions regarding the concept of working from home in the comment section given below.

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