Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview

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Work from home or remote work is no longer a foreign concept; the extent of hiring taking place digitally throughout the globe has multiplied. If you have a scheduled video interview and are unsure as to how to go about it. We are here to help you conquer the digital world of video interviews with these tips for a successful video job interview.

What is a video interview?

There are a variety of video and digital interviews. The most common involves a video sharing service like GoogleMeet, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and others where the interviewee and interviewer connect from their separate devices. 

Types of video interviews 

  • Video chat – In this, you face the interviewee in real-time through a live video call. (It is also known as a synchronous video interview)
  • On-demand – In On-demand interviews, you are given a set of questions for which you have to record your response and submit it virtually. (This is also known as an asynchronous video interview)

Tips for a successful video job interview

1. Background

An interviewer will not only focus on the foreground, which is you and is the most essential part of a video interview, but also on the intricacies of the background.

  • Organize the space, and make sure that the background is not messy
  • No Distractions:

If you share space with people, tell them about the interview in advance so that you are not interrupted in between, which sometimes can break the flow of the interview and can make you lose your chain of thought 

  • Don’t worry if you do not have a fancy background!

You can pick a space that does not have a lot of distractions, it could be a white wall, or if you are not comfortable giving the interview in your humble abode, you can go to a cyber cafe or someplace quiet where you know you are at your best

  •  Digital backgrounds

You can always go for the background blur option that most devices have these days, or if you want to add some shazam, you can go for digital graphic backgrounds.

2. Dress code

You do not need to particularly suit up for an interview unless that is what you like. Your attire should reflect professionalism and should match the job description. For most interviews, business casuals are a safe bet. Research the company’s dress code, and if you can make an effort to dress that way, you can show the employer how seriously you take the job.

3. Lighting

Here are some dos and don’ts of lighting when it comes to video interviews


  • Try to use natural lighting whenever possible.
  • Soft lighting: If the natural lighting is out of the box (maybe your interview takes place at night), you can use a lamp behind the camera.


  • Have windows behind you: This will take away from the clarity of the webcam and make you look like a shadow
  • Have shadows hovering on your face: This is usually a result of dim and poor lighting
  • Have harsh lights: Will wash you out.

4. Internet connectivity

A bad internet connection is the quickest way to decrease your chances of giving a good video interview. To avoid this problem, do a thorough check-in of the network you will use during the interview and the device with which you will be connecting to the employer. Make sure your device registers the microphone you will use and that the network efficiently supports video calling. Always have a backup. Keep a mobile device with sufficient data nearby in case you might need to use the hotspot.

Did you know?

According to a survey by SAP Concur, 88% of the Indian workforce prefers to work from home, and 69% believe remote work has increased their productivity. 

5. Audio

If you can, try having a device that supports both Bluetooth and audio jack as this way, you will have a backup if one does not work.

Tip- Make a conscious effort to conduct a demo video call where you can check the compatibility of all factors required for a good interview like audio, visual, and compatibility of the device you will be using with the video calling software, which will be used.

You can ask a friend or family member for help with this if required

6. Posture

The fact that the interview is not taking place does not give you the liberty to sit whichever way you feel right! Being at home is usually synonymous with comfort, but try and make an effort to sit on a chair if you can rather than a bed. Keep your back straight and act like the professional you see yourself as in the organization! For a video interview, first impressions could be the last ones if not done right.

7. Compatibility with video sharing service

Usually, the organization tells you in advance on what platform the video interview will be taking place.Make sure to explore the platform and be efficient with its use. It would help if you stayed away from saying juvenile things like, “I don’t know how to share my screen on this platform.

8. Documentation

Keep a softcopy ready of all the required documents like

Having these handy will save you from the struggle during the interview

10. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Now that you have these tips for a successful job interview, keep practicing and sharpening your skills! Below, we have provided you with a few interview questions you can utilize to prepare for an instant job hiring interview!


Types of questions the employer can ask

Types of Interview questions that the interviewer can ask during a video interview

Even though the questions asked in a video interview are usually the same as in a one-on-one interview, here is a list for you to prepare well and ace your video job interview

Bonus Tip- keep your wits ready

Do not get cold feet if something goes sideways during the video interview. 

It happens with almost everybody, and with time you will learn to use this as an asset to spark a candid conversation.

Example: What if your dog enters your room barking, and you lose your chain of thought?

Formal – “Sir/Ma’am, excuse me for a second. My apologies for the interruption. Could you please reiterate the question once again?”

Informal – “Sir/Ma’am, meet Shiloh, my kid. He can’t get enough of dad. I will be back in a second if you could excuse me.”

Taking it formally or informally depends on how the employer reacts to the situation. They might be annoyed and in a time crunch. At those moments, try to recover from the problem quicker. 

A candid conversation is only an option if they are genuinely interested, only do this if they ask or tell you priorly that “in this interview, we would like to know you more than just for the job.” 

Keep an eye on cues.

This will showcase you as someone who is quick on their feet and does not hesitate to ask for clarification, both qualities most employers admire.

Now that you are well aware of the tactics of a video interview, it is your turn to conquer the digital world and get the offer letter email in no time!



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