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I am a techie by degree and a digital marketing professional by choice.I help companies grow and succeed through digital marketing. Here to help students and young professionals for accelerating their careers in Digital Marketing.

I started my career as a Business Development Executive for an IT company in New Delhi, India. After almost one year, I was hired as Business Development Executive for an Australian startup named Enterprise Monkey, which wanted to establish its office in India. When I joined in, there were four people including me, and I was the only one responsible for sales and marketing. After eight months of hard work, sleepless nights, and successful efforts, I was made the Vice president of Sales and Marketing of the company. At the age of 27 years with just two years of experience in sales, it was quite a challenging role to handle. After three years of exertion, Enterprise Monkey had 35 employees, and the annual turnover grew from 85 thousand dollars to half a million dollars without any outside funding support or a big marketing budget.I got my interest in digital marketing while I was hiring digital marketing professionals and contractor companies for Enterprise Monkey to help us out. I hired a bunch of people and companies who couldn’t deliver any results, and I realized that I had to learn digital marketing to get success.I eventually became good at it, and I decided to pursue my career as a full-time digital marketing consultant. I have worked closely with several Startups, Small and medium businesses, and a few large companies from different business domains and have delivered satisfactory results.Please feel free to ask your questions related to Digital Marketing or Startups!

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