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Beyond Grades Mock Interviews

Interviews are the first and the most important step in one’s career. But very often we get intimidated by the interviewers and fear gets the best of us in job interviews. Getting comfortable with the interview environment beforehand gives you an edge over your peers.

Therefore as the age-old saying goes – practice makes one perfect! Mock interviews are an effective way to give you the platform where you can prepare, practice and experience how a real-life job interview feels like.

On Beyond Grades, we provide the best mentors with industry experience and knowledge to help you sail through your initial and the most crucial days of your career by providing you with a raw interview experience and helping you identify the areas in which you can work on.

Advantages of BG Mock Interviews

Reduced Stress & anxiety

Stress and anxiety are majorly caused when a person is unprepared, with BG Mock Interviews, you get a real-life experience that helps boost your confidence.


Since we provide free mock interviews, the affordability factor is taken care of by us. All you need to check is your confidence and willingness to pass the interview.

Unbiased Opinion

Get an in-depth analysis of your interview style and tips to help you improve areas where you may have weaknesses.

Curated Resources

Polish your interview skills by accessing the best hand-picked and curated content covering every aspect of real-life interviews.

Performance Feedback

Feedback and criticism are the two most important factors that help one in improving their overall performance. In BG Mock Interviews we provide you with realistic performance feedback.

Behavioural Questions

Many companies use behavioural questions to check the presence of mind and critical thinking of the interviewee, to help tackle those BG Mock Interviews focus on critical thinking and logical reasoning based questions.

How to get started?

Beyond Grades helps students and working professionals connect with industry experts who can mentor them to get through the initial and most crucial phase of their career.

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    Create an account with the help of your email; verify it & you’re ready to get started on a life-changing journey. Log in to start browsing our FREE hand-picked Resources.

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    Complete your profile to help the mentors analyse your profile and evaluate your background before your interview is scheduled.

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    Once the profile is completed, schedule your one on one interview by choosing an appropriate slot according to your convenience and get the confirmation via mail and get a hands-on interview experience with the best and most experienced industry experts.

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    Once the interview is done you get personalised feedback based on your performance suggesting the areas that need improvement and accordingly providing you with the mentorship you need.

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    After the interview process, you can get your hands on our carefully chosen curated resources to help you get minute details of a real-life interview. With the help of our ready to use templates and checklists, you can directly build your resume which will not only be ATS proof but also help you to gain confidence while optimizing your resume.