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How to find your dream job in 6 weeks !

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The Wicked 6-Week Job Ready Certification Course To Land Your Dream Job & Ignite Your Career Today!

In this step-by-step video training Job Ready Certification course, you’ll get to learn the process to stand out from the crowd of candidates in interviews and be the ace employee that today’s companies are craving — including the tried and tested tools, exercises, worksheets and frameworks you need to land your dream job or switch to another career flawlessly.

No matter what walk of life you’re from; if you’ve got the guts to make your career pipe dreams into reality, we’ve got the right blueprint to make you achieve the impossible in just 6 weeks.

Registration closed on 4 June 2021.

Why Job Ready Certification Course?

Do you lack the job skills that today’s companies are looking for? If your answer is yes, then you are in the same boat as thousands of other students.

The biggest dilemma that every fresh graduate faces (that keeps them stuck in a rut and feel frustrated and utterly lost ) is this:

You can’t get hired without meeting the industry requirement of skills, and you can’t learn the needed skills without getting hired!

Sound familiar? If you’ve been told that you lack the necessary job skills by countless recruiters, you are not alone. You’re floating on the same boat of dreaded catch-22 as thousands of other students.

Did you know 45% of the class of 2020 college graduates are still looking for a permanent job, and 37.9% of the urban 20-24-year-olds are unemployed in India? The reason being so that the education today’s youth are receiving is not attractive enough for companies to employ them.

These alarming stats just show that our educational system has failed you, despite you working so hard throughout your school and college days. Also, the job market has changed drastically in the pandemic. Getting a mere degree isn’t enough in the 21st century to get hired. Companies are craving for employees that are skilled with both hard and soft skills. 

It’s not your fault that you don’t know this or that you need to be constantly updated with in-demand industry skills to remain employable in the long term. (pssst…the blame goes to our backward traditional educational system.🥱)

As a fresher without any work experience, we bet you’ve heard this endless times from recruiters that either you are not fit for the job, or your personality is not cutting the chase…it frustrates you to the core. Isn’t it? 😫

So, in this Job Ready Certification Course, we won’t only equip you with the latest job-hunting tricks and techniques that are working today, but we’ll walk you step-by-step through writing the killer resume, finding your unique selling proposition and develop your oh-so-boring personality into a top-notch maverick that’s needed to charm your way into interviews effortlessly.

All from scratch

Registration closed on 4 June 2021.

Welcome To The Eccentric School Of Job Seekers 🚀

Aamir Qutub, the founder of Enterprise Monkey (and also Mentor Monkey), is an awardee of "Australian Young Business Leader of the Year, 2016." Adhering to the principle of practical learning, he has developed his expertise by working with several startups, including comWriter, Clann, Mechintel, Quizword, and BeepBeep. At the mere age of 25, Aamir became one of the youngest General Manager in ICT Geelong after struggling for years to get a job inspite of having a B.Tech background. He was juggling MBA classes and part-time jobs, and it ignited the thought of creating something that will help fresh graduates to find a place of their own in the corporate world. In 2020, Aamir launched Mentor Monkey, a social learning platform for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. In the same year, he curated and designed The 6 weeks Job Ready Certification course for those who want to break the shackles of the traditional education system and are willing to go to any length to develop skills that are necessary to land a job.


This certification is for you if

Our 6 weeks online job ready certification program will transform you from a struggling graduate to the most eligible job seeker

Registration closed on 4 June 2021.


Meet the mentors who have expertise over 17+ years in the professional world who have sacrificed to master their skills, built the career they love from scratch and have actually done what they’re advising on.

They are here to teach you A-Z about the job hunting process and transform your life and career by guiding you in the right direction. Our mentors are not gurus, but practitioners who preach what they do. So, you’re in the right hands.











6 x training modules over 6 weeks

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Job Blueprints

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Bonus included

You thought this was it? Get these bonuses once you grab your seat in the Job Ready Certification Course 👇🏻

Get Ready-to-use tailor-made Resume Templates. Just download and start applying.

Grab your exclusive ebook on overcoming interview fear and anxiety.

8 real-life hacks that will 100% guaranteed to help you find a job. These are not only our strategies but curated strategies from career experts all over the world that work! (Delivered directly in your inbox and on your dashboard)

Weekly challengers and assessments that will boost your learning growth by 10x. We don’t like boring stuff 😏

25% Flat extra discount if you bring your 1 friend onboard. 100% FREE if you bring 3 friends. (It’s a promise from us)

Get banana points on the completion of every challenge and assessment. Redeem those 🍌 points to purchase any course of your choice and the points are valid for a lifetime. 

Get access to our never seen before resources that will boost your chances of hiring by 20x.

Are you ready for this exciting and unexplored journey?

Get ready to enjoy this exclusive voyage that will soar your hiring chances by 20X.

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You have questions? We have the answers in this FAQ section

The online Job Ready Certification Course is comprised of 6 video-based modules. Each video is accompanied by a downloadable text transcription, along with an MP4 file, so you can watch, read, or listen to the course content whenever and from wherever you like.
This is a self-paced course. There is no particular schedule or timeline that you may need to follow. How you carve out that time is really up to you and how you learn best.
With that being said, we have found that students get the best results when they set aside 2-3 hours a week to focus on implementing what they learn.
Recruiters look at the overall profile of the candidate. Yes, academics play an important role, but they are not a limiting factor, in most job interviews. Aptitude and attitude, both count.
Most of the students who have performed well through this course have been average performers in their academics/schooling.
This means you have ample time to groom yourself about various aspects of your personality, as well as your academics and extra curricular activities. Best of luck, make the best of this time!
1. Thanks for asking. We’ve been doing this since 2013 and have trained hundreds of students who have achieved results.

2. I have been on both the sides of the equation: first as an average student with no mentoring or support, so I had to navigate and develop my own framework. I was able to secure 6 placement offers when I graduated, both on and off-campus with average scores. After my Masters I was hired as a General Manager at ICT Geelong. Second, as the General Secretary of the AMU Students’ Union 2011, where I organized the first ever recruitment drive in AMU which resulted in the placement of 2000 students in 30 companies. So, you can trust me when I say that I know this process inside out.

We have loads of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.
An average student spends 15-16 years of his/her life gaining an education. If the student is not able to avail desired job offers on completion of his/her education, it is certainly an unfortunate situation.

There is more than the student to blame – our broken education system. A broken system can only produce broken results.
Poor scores are not the only culprit for the problem. There is more to the story.

Certain skills, which are highly important for the real world, are never taught in our schools and colleges. Yes, a student may be good at math and science.

But is he/she good at marketing or selling, or presenting?

Can he hold his own when faced with tough competition?

Can he/she manage his/her time and resources to get results in the real word, despite unsupportive circumstances?
Sure, you can take your time to think.

This course is a well-curated mix intended to point you in the right direction and get you started on that path, complete with its own community and support system. You get what you pay for.

The question of whether or not the Job Ready Certification course makes sense for you is entirely your call. The way we see it, it saves a lot of your time, which would otherwise be wasted in searching for the right advice.

You would have already spent a lot of money for education to get a good job. But that education may not be serving you well for that.

This investment may help you take the leap towards your job goals.

The simple answer is that neither you nor us know if it would work for you or not. One thing is certain – if you have not got your preferred job, then something is clearly not working.
What we are doing here is providing you an exclusive framework which can be practically applied. If you follow this methodology, you would have a better chance for success than others. You need to implement this for it to work.
However, we can certainly guarantee that it would be time well spent. As with any self-paced online certification program, the learning outcomes would depend on how well you are able to follow instructions and implement them.
At this stage, all we can do is point you to our testimonials so you can see what happens when people who were once in the position you’re in now commit to following our process and take action.

What we are providing you is tried and tested – the Job Ready blueprint works! You have to implement it. There is no shortcut, but there is always a way.

The short answer – yes, you can certainly join this course later.
However, if you are sure that you would need this course for your next advancement, then applying now would be the best decision for you.
Part of my role as an educator and a coach is to hold you to the same high standards that I hold for myself and encourage you to take decisions quickly. There is never a better time than now.
We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as UPI payments.
As soon as you have enrolled in the certification program, you’ll receive an email confirmation from us with all the information you need to access the online classroom where Module One (Introduction) will be waiting for you.
This email will also provide details of how to join the online community which contains groups related to jobs, careers and professional development.

Registration Closed on 4 June 2021.