Boost your chances by 10x of landing interviews with Beyond Grades’s Resume Scanner

If you’re not receiving calls for interviews even after submitting the perfect resume, blame the ATS software. It filters your resume through the right keywords you use in your resume matching with the job description. Scan your resume right now through our resume scanner and compel the ATS scanner to pass your resume directly to the recruiter’s desk!

Use MM Resume Scanner as your magic wand and be the part of top 5% of the career food chain

Resumes scanners are the tools companies use to shortlist your resume. Even smaller companies have adopted this to scan the applicant’s resume. Less than 5% of the applicants probably might know how to optimize their resumes. Be the part of the 5% by using Beyond Grades’s Resume Scanner to scan your resume and optimize it now!


Upload you resume

Select the target job description from the list.

Scan your resume.

How to get the best results from our resume scanner:

  • Your resume should have the subtitles that are commonly used. (About Work Experience Skills)
  • Your resume should contain readable fonts (Times New Roman Arial, Cambrian)
  • Your resume should look neat and professional (avoid drawings, tables pictures)

The value of optimizing resumes is underrated, and here are 3 more reasons why it is essential to match your resume with the keywords used in the job description.

  1. A well-tailored resume is similar to a well written SEO blog.The chances of reaching the right target audience are high, increasing the success rate.
  2. Resume screening takes less than 10 seconds. But with better optimization, you get to lock the opportunity.
  3. You get to be in the top 20% of the applicant pool to get shortlisted.