You’re living in an era where pursuing your dream career or building a business from scratch is not an unreachable dream anymore. But the question is, do you have the right skills to make your dream into reality?

Where does Beyond Grades come in?

Beyond Grades is the go-to social learning platform that is reshaping the educational process with the help of technology.

You struggled for years to finish your schooling and college just to get a degree, but what happens when you still find yourself unemployed?

It’s not your fault. Our traditional educational system is entirely focused on an instructor-centred approach and rote learning. Which creates a barrier that stops you from gaining the profound skills that the industry is expecting from you.

Be it chasing your dream career or building your business; you can only be successful when you get all the help you can get. And that’s where we come in to rescue you from this crisis.

We believe in showing you the right direction with the help of technology and provide you with actionable tools, tips, and proven techniques to get you through challenging and uncertain times. Our focus is on professional skill mastery to help you establish strong foundations, so there’s no limit to what you can do with your career or starting your entrepreneurial journey.

What you get when you join Beyond Grades:

In-depth Training

We’ve developed our short-term courses to elevate your career growth, business, and overall personality development from scratch.

Supportive community

Get access to our wonderful community, where you can get help and feedback from your mentors, interact with other professionals, discover a peer who shares your interest and get your work to be constructively evaluated by others.

Quality Mentors

Learn from our qualified mentors who only got to their position by first being in yours as they pass on their tried-and-tested strategies to help you uplift in a collaborative, educational, and supportive environment.

Lifetime Support

Our short term courses are not designed to be "finished and forgotten." Our knowledgeable and friendly community members are available to help you even when you’re done with your courses.

Our Founder

Aamir Qutub, the founder of Beyond Grades and Enterprise Monkey, is an awardee of “Australian Young Business Leader of the Year, 2016.” Adhering to the principle of practical learning, he has developed his expertise by working with a number of startups, including comWriter, Clann, Mechintel, Quizword, and BeepBeep.

An aspiring entrepreneur, he has been working for the success of his ideas since his university days. His vision has been to build thought leadership in the technology startup market. With that ideology, he has learned and succeeded in establishing thought leadership in the technology startup domain. Being an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated doer, he has achieved success with all his plans and will continue to do so.

Our Beliefs

We profoundly believe that successful careers are built on progress, vulnerability, and curiosity – and not perfection.

We believe that having a degree in today’s world does not guarantee a steady income because our current education system is not skill-focused. Hence, we strive to provide learning skills that will lead individuals to achieve the lifestyle and career they desire.

Our focus is not only on professionals but also entrepreneurs, job seekers, and already employed individuals who all want to achieve more in their careers.

We believe in the power of lifelong learning and creating tools that place you in the driver’s seat of your career.

We recognise the power of lifelong learning that put you in complete control over your career path.

We believe in giving lessons and advice based on real-life experiences.

We believe in creating practical tools and resources. Simple, yet powerful. Nobody has time for “quick solutions” or things that “kind of” works.

We believe that true contentment stems from a genuine connection to people rather than an eternal pursuit of greater accomplishments.

What We Offer

On-demand short term courses curated and designed by industry specialists that you can take anytime and anywhere. Our unique Beyond Grades learning experience is designed in such a way so that you can develop 21st-century professional skills, career development, and essential business skills that are required to flourish in life, regardless of your educational background or degree.

Online mentorship from trusted, pre-vetted experts from every background. Our one of its kind mentor program would require you to wear many hats, acting as a coach, role model, leader, advocate, and friend.

Not only you can build your personal brand while networking with other industry leaders, but you can also earn and can share your expertise and achieve personal growth.

Articles, E-books, videos, downloadable curated content, webinars, and career profiles deliver real-talk, quality advice every single time to leverage your career development.

No matter which path of life you’re from, we’re here to enhance your career growth by helping you network with other job seekers.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, we’re here to provides a domain to meet other fellow entrepreneurs and cultivate your innovative mind through interaction with seasoned investors and game-changers in the business world.

You can ask your questions, find answers, and connect with the community around the world. The forum is open for all.

We’re here to support and inspire action in you for building your career on your terms. Our Beyond Grades community can get you all the support you need to rise from the ashes and become a phoenix in your career.

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