How To Get Awesome Ideas For Tech Startups?

Launching a startup for obvious reasons is challenging. However, the challenge is worth taking especially because of the prospects it could offer. For a person to launch a successful startup, he should have a good idea. It is the most fundamental aspect, and if only the foundations are sound, could the entire building be made strong.

It is important to remember that most startups cannot achieve success because of the faults with the basic idea itself. So finding the right idea for the start-up to be launched and validating it as quickly as possible is significant. Here we will see step by step how to find the best possible idea for a startup.

How to get the best tech Startup ideas?

– Identifying the problem

Identifying the problem

A good idea never starts with a solution but always starts with a problem addressed by a solution. Keep in mind the popular dictum ‘Necessity is the mother of inventions. To identify this, you should start with yourself. Ask yourself the question of the problems you face that you wish to have a solution for. List out these problems.

Now you have several problems/ideas with us from which we will have to select any particular one. This selection could be made based on two criteria. The first one being motivation. You should be passionate enough to pursue the progress of the idea throughout the entire process.

The second criterion should be whether the people will be interested in paying money for a solution for this problem. This can be understood by connecting yourself with the community of experts and experienced ones in the respective fields of the problems. Field research should also be done. The experience of the people affected by unmet needs will be insightful in making choices.

Before crafting the solution, know your market as well. The nature of the target area, the demands, the standards, etc., should also be in congruence with your identified problem and the prescribed solution. Google, social networking sites, etc., could also be helpful in this alongside field research.

Analysing the data, you have collected from the research you have undertaken will help you, at last, to define the problem properly.

– Crafting the Idea for a solution.

Crafting the Idea for a solution.

Now, as we have found out the problem, we should find out a solution for it. You will have to brainstorm different ideas here. The researches that had been done will assist you in this phase as well. The ideas thus arrived at should not be limited to. We should come u with a number of them. Only experimentation will help us to finalise any one of them.

Tech-based ingenious ideas can be crafted only if we identify what type of solutions are intended to be built. Some common ways with which technology is used to help people include automation, collaboration, organisation, etc.

Respective tools for each of which are available and could be incorporated effectively in your idea.

– Bringing these ideas to life.

Bringing these ideas to life.

Before the actual launch, you have to validate the ideas that have been discovered. This could be done through experimentation of different types. This could be done through prototypes (A prototype is a preliminary and basic version of your idea) and actual testing.

Once the testing has been done, you could get feedbacks, and upon which, further improvements could be made possible.

As has been seen so far, coming up with a serious idea for a startup is not in the least an easy thing. It demands dedication to research. Each step of this research is crucial as far as the entire startup is concerned.

Anas Zeeshan


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