Deloitte Company Profile, Placement and Interview Tips


Deloitte’s mission is to help their clients and our people excel. They are one of the world’s leading business advisory organizations. Their size, strength and resources will help us carry out our mission now and in the future.


Deloitte aspires to be the Standard of Excellence, the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent.

Deloitte Interview Rounds

The round might be a telephonic interview or face-to-face interview. However, in the past few 
months, Deloitte’s recruitment team has made some modifications in the hiring process. For 
some of the candidates, instead of clearing an interview, clearing an Aptitude Test is a mandate 
to proceed to Round 2. 
This round involves a Deloitte Manager testing your technical skills and overall personality. The 
interviewer might ask you any questions about your skillset or any other aspect of your 
personality. If they feel that you are fit to be a part of Deloitte work culture, you will get a green 
signal to go to Round 3. 
This round tests your fluency in English (Reading, Speaking, Listening). Deloitte emphasises a lot 
on this round, and there have been cases in which the candidates who failed to clear this round 
have been sent home then and there. 
In this round, a senior manager from Deloitte will interview you and assess various traits of your 
personality. The technology-related leadership team checks if a candidate is suitable for the organization or not, and based on the interviewer’s remarks final offer is made to the candidate. 
This is the salary discussion round, in which both parties try to convince each other before coming to a common ground. After the salary discussion is over, an offer letter is sent to the 
candidate, which he/she has to accept within 72 hours. 

Courses helpful for Deloitte job interview preparation

Job Ready Certification

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Resources for Deloitte job interview preparation


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