Tips for Writing Resume Objective (With Examples)

Including a resume objective in your resume might sound something new to you or something you considered outdated. In this blog, we shall be learning about a resume objective and Tips for writing a resume objective (with examples). 

Let’s dive right in and explore the craft of resume writing, particularly a resume objective with examples.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective states your career goals. A resume objective does not have to be complicated and mentions your desired job title and the path to where you came from, and where you would like to go in your career. 

It is a short paragraph highlighting your ability to make decisions and that you have a plan of action for the same!

Strong resume objective examples

Below are some career-specific objective statement examples

  • Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Coordinator at Gaursons, I helped launch award winning-campaigns. I worked on social media optimization (SMO), through which the follower count increased by 5000 in one week, and engagement increased to 125%. I’m seeking a social media manager position where I can utilize all my skills and lead an efficient team for efficient results.

  • Content writer

Content writer looking for exciting new challenges. My goal in my career is to capitalize by taking up new opportunities and tasks. I would like to grow with your organization and develop my career through hard work, integrity, and results. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Assistant Director

Assistant to assistant director seeking leadership opportunity as an Assistant director on the big Netflix project Money Heist- India. With more than ten years of experience, I am looking to take on more challenges and lead a team to develop and innovate the brand across all channels.

  • Actor

Seeking employment in a professional environment where I can diversify and improve upon my acting skills gained during my two years of experience as a theater artist at barry john acting studio. I would focus on enhancing my skills and improving my knowledge of techniques and methods of Neocinema of this decade.

Related terms to Resume objective


Alternatives to resume objective

Tip- Whichever alternative you choose to apply to your resume, keep it beneath your name and at the top of the resume, towards the top.
  • Summary statement

A summary statement, also called a resume profile or summary statement, is a brief statement of your qualifications highlighting your skills and experiences for a specific job opening.

Resume objective

Portrays your own future goals.

Summary statement

Portrays what you will add to the future of the company and its goals.

  • Branding statement

Very short, about 15 words focusing on your critical successes and skills.

Example of a branding statement –

I help companies optimize their public relations by managing various tools from Press campaigns, releases, newsletters, sponsorships, etc. 

  • Headline

Finally, a third alternative is a resume title which is furthermore concise than a branding statement or a summary statement. It is a phrase emphasizing toy skills and work history.

Example of a headline- 

A successful true-crime fiction author who used to be a negotiator at the FBI.

Tips for writing a strong resume objective statement-

  • Analyzing and finding the match

 It is crucial for you to identify what you bring to the table for the organization. You might be terrible at cooking and great at content writing. For a content writer’s position highlighting this would be an asset but for the position of a chef? Not so much.

  • Keyword

In the digital marketing world, “keyword” is the word of the hour. You, as an interviewee, should be aware that using keywords is an effective strategy for getting picked up by a company’s tracking system. We hate spiders in real life, but well, we would want them to find our resume. For this, you want to emphasize how your job qualifications align with the requirements of the hiring agency.

  • What value do you add to the company?

Every candidate contributes to the business, and there is no point in carrying an employee who does nothing. No company wants to maintain that sack of burden upon its shoulders. Instead, they look for someone knowledgeable and skilled. For this, you want to show them what you have in store that others don’t? What is your X-factor?

Sample Resume With an Objective

Lawyer Resume With an Objective

Smita applicant

135 Iron St.



[email protected] 


Lawyer looking for a position at an independent firm where I can apply my work experience and enhance my skills in handling criminal cases and serving justice through critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills.


  • 15 years of court experience
  • Adept at drafting agreements and notices
  • 10 years of advising agencies 
  • Active listener, Analytical thinker, and strong communicator
  • Able to work in collaboration with others to meet organization goals
  • An expert researcher and competent negotiator 


  • Ad Hoc teacher at BEATLES ACADEMY, Delhi, CP
  • Music Teacher, September 2019 – 2020
  • Sponsored by the Music Association of India for a tour with A.R. Rahman. 
  • Received “best musician award” at California music festival.


LLB (2018); GPA 4.1 GPA

National Law University, Delhi

 Guitarist Resume With an Objective

Nancy applicant

121 Green street



[email protected] 


Guitar professional looking for a position at an independent band where I can apply my playing experience for various artists, bands, and record companies to support new artists and push my limits.


  • Adept at forming a positive, enthusiastic and supportive music environment for new artists from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong team player, easy to partner with and promote music.
  • Hold certification from Broadway, worked with John Lennon once, and am Fluent in English, Hindi, and French.
  • Well-versed with other instruments such as ukulele, Cajon, Tabla, and Piano.


  • Ad Hoc teacher at BEATLES ACADEMY, Delhi, CP
  • Music Teacher, September 2019 – 2020
  • Sponsored by the Music Association of India for a tour with A.R. Rahman. 
  • Received “best musician award” at California music festival.


Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy (2018); GPA 3.9

Stanford University, Clemson, South Carolina

Common questions about adding a resume objective statement

  • What if I have a meager work experience? What to add then?
  • A resume objective with no or very little experience can be extracted from your soft skills such as Organization, Communication, Teamwork, Networking, Public Speaking skills, etc, or skills you have learned through your schooling or university experiences. 
  • For this, you can also use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and pull from your experiences.


“I used to be an active member of the MUN society and participated in various debates. It enhanced my confidence and public speaking skills. I have a proven track record of micro-managing events, from family functions to school events, due to my love for detail and organization.

  • What is it that companies are looking for in a good objective statement?

The Hiring Manager wants to know you and the ambition you hold towards the company. This section is often neglected by people on the grounds that it is outdated, but a good objective statement that can hook the reader would make your resume instantly more appealing.

  • How much expectation is too much?

You don’t want your objective statement to be a far-fetched Miraj, a castle of sand but give the employer concrete experience skills to work with. Explain why you are an ideal candidate and what you would add to the company. For example, mention your two years’ experience of successfully Increasing brand engagement and state that you want to apply these skills to the organization’s Content.

Key Takeaways-

  • Skills are skills, Hard or Soft. Use them!
  • Analyze your experiences and match the job requirements
  • Use of techniques like the STAR Method
  • Keep it short and Simple

Now that you know how to write a resume objective, It is your turn to shine and Ace the Interview!



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