How to Crack Group Discussion Round? Top 10 Tips

Group Discussion Tips

Employers conduct group discussion rounds to assess the eligibility of the candidates; whether they are team players, they may want to know the candidate’s diction and ability to speak simultaneously. This communicative situation allows job seekers to showcase their soft skills.

Whether you are going to prepare for the job interviews directly or looking for campus-driven placements, getting a few insider tips will surely help. I am listing the top 10 group discussion tips you should use in your next interview.

Group discussion, or GD, plays an integral role in the selection process of the company’s interview sessions. Most of the time, it is done after the basic aptitude tests. In some companies, a written exam is also necessary before the GD round. It is an important elimination round where many candidates face rejection. You must be thoroughly prepared.

Check My 15 GD Tips Listed Below:

  • Prepare Yourself With Rich Content and Good Subject Matter.

Well, it’s hard to guess the exact topic before you actually go into the discussion. Still, you can overcome this drawback with research. Do a lot of research about your field-related topics. You can search for similar discussion rounds and topics on Youtube and Google. It will successfully give you some rough ideas and an insight into what’s going to happen.

After searching for the topics, you must collect a piece of thorough information about the aspects of that topic. You must choose your stand beforehand. Work on vocabulary, statistics, facts, and figures.

Little nervousness is completely normal when discussing things with a new bunch of people. But group discussions are not the right place to get nervous, so it’s better to leave that at home. This might feel a little tougher if you are an introverted person.

Here’s what you can do!

You can practice in front of the mirror. When it comes to speaking with everyone else, pause to think. Group discussions are never about speaking, and first or loud; it’s always about speaking the true and powerful points. When you are able to control your emotions, it makes you look more confident.

  • Don’t Show Aggression.

Irrespective of your nature, you must show patience and calmness while having a group conversation. You will find people having different mindsets and thought processes, but there is nothing to be angry about.

It is okay to disagree with people, so be polite, even if they’re saying something completely against your viewpoint.

For example, “Yes, I understood your point, and you explained it well, but..” or “I disagree with you.”

Also, interrupting someone is not required at all and can throw a negative impression, but if you’re in dire need of saying something at any point of discussion, please say something nice and professional. You can simply say, “I am sorry I am interrupting you here, but….”

  • Engage People With Eye Contact.

Eye contact is a great way to communicate effectively. It shows you’re confident enough to stand with your points. When you’re saying something, make sure to look at almost everyone (not to forget the panelists). And, when someone else is speaking, look at them showing complete attentiveness. It’s a great way of showing respect to your fellow competitors.

  • Communicate Productively.

Don’t say anything meaningless. Be concise and effective. It’s not a casual conversation with your friends where you can say anything, but a chance to show your talent and skills to communicate significantly and precisely.

Choose the relevant points that support the discussion only. Even if you’re finding someone funny or interesting, stay focused and do not reply unnecessarily. You need to choose the right manner to present your views. Panelists are waiting to see everything you do and how you summarize your answer.

  • Focus on Your Nonverbal Communication.

My top 10 GD tips list would be incomplete without clearly mentioning nonverbal communication. Your facial expressions, body postures, gestures, everything plays an integral role in your candidature. They can make or break your chances of selection. Nonverbal communication emits a strong message, and people grasp it subconsciously.

Nonverbal communication sends signals even when you’re not talking, so beware. And what exactly is included in nonverbal communication?

  1. Tone and fluctuation of your voice
  2. Your postures
  3. Eye contact
  4. Your gestures
  5. Facial expressions

Take care of everything alongside what you say.

  • Give Amazing Examples.

Since school, we have been taught to support our explanations with examples so the reader can understand them better. And this rule is universal. You’re expected to give beautiful and simple examples in group discussions.

For instance, if you’re stating an idea, ensure to support it with a similar situation where it succeeded, or if you’re stating a fact, give its source. It will empower your statements. And that’s why I keep emphasizing research and learning. The more you learn about the topic, the better you can tell.

  • Bring the Conversation Back To The Topic.

If you feel the discussion deviates at any point in GD, you can always take the lead and bring it back to the motive. Judges notice everything, and you can be the silent player. Off-topic discussion creates chaos and brings no value to the discussion, so it’s better to take note of its matter, and whenever you feel like it’s going off-topic, do your part.

  • Groom Yourself.

Dress formally during the GD round. Remember that you’re still in the recruitment process, so dress professionally. Your clothing reflects your mindset and level of professionalism. Wear a business suit, including pants or skirts, and collared shirts. Avoid bright colors and designs. Use darker colors and entirely formal clothing. Stay as simple as you can.

You can also ask the company’s HR department if they prefer anything specific, which will give you an edge over others

  • Be a Good Listener.

Well, being loud and clear is fantastic. It throws an accurate impression on your recruiters. But at the same time, you are expected to be a good listener too. Listening to others will not only make you a better candidate, but it will also give you the ideas to jot down your further points.

Formulating further responses becomes easier when you’re taking notes of what others have said.

Your behavior is critically important everywhere, in interviews or group discussions. Maintain the highest level of decorum and become the most desirable candidate among all others.

So, here are my tips to win the group discussion! I hope you find them helpful.

Key Takeaways

  • Group discussions are paramount to interview procedures, and you must take them seriously.
  • From maintaining a high decorum and speaking well and aloud, you need to be professional in every way.
  • Don’t listen to respond, but understand. Always maintain a positive persona.
  • Do not let the discussion divert from its original topic; take the lead whenever you’re confident.
  • Give equal attention to verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Ensure to support your statements with suitable examples.

Sarah Farroukh Sarah is a content writer with two years of experience specializing in educational content. She has a passion for writing informative pieces that are both engaging and thought-provoking. In her free time, she enjoys reading and experimenting with recipes.


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