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Dress Formally For Your Job Interview: All Explained

Last Updated on Apr 13, 2023

Do you know your attire is the first thing that an interviewer notices before even beginning an actual interview? How you dress can impact your impression.

Therefore, In this article, we will be talking about what to wear to a job interview, what outfits to avoid and some extra tips to prepare you a step ahead so that you make a strong first impression.

Why is Dressing Important? 

Dressing plays a very important role in determining your mark in an interview, whether you wish to secure a job in project management or look forward to having an amazing digital marketing profile. . How you dress can immensely affect your perceived personality, and an occasion like an interview, which is a very crucial part of your career, has a lot to do with how you appear.

According to psychology, your appearance (not how you look but how you “appear”) plays a major role when you meet someone for the first time. It, in fact, subconsciously creates an impression of you in the minds of the person you meet that remains for a long time. 

Therefore we dress differently as per the occasion we go to. Some extra for a party to a modest look for a casual outing. Therefore, an event like an interview, which is a very important day for you, cannot be neglected. 

Here are the category-wise attire suggestions you should follow as per your gender to look appropriate and up to the mark for your next interview.

Interview Attire for Women

For women, dressing for an interview could have a lot of variety of options depending on which sector you are applying to.You have a variety of options available.

  • Wearing a navy blue Blazer/coat 

For a woman working in the financial or banking sector, wearing a Blue blazer has a good impact. With its sophisticated and put-together look, you appear to have that extra confidence when you need it the most. It seems professional to wear working outfits like such.

  • Button-down white or cream shirt 

This is ideal when you are appearing for an IT sector or other corporate company. Pair it up with either black pants or a pencil skirt. It makes you appear self-assertive. Not only this, when you dress well, it makes you feel optimistic.

  • A statement dress

Do you believe in having lucky outfits?  The one when you wear it, which makes your day or you make a good impression and people compliment you.
If you are the woman who has a lucky outfit which you wear and feels good. Then why not wear it for the interview. Now, you don’t have to wear that fancy coat or your favorite pearl necklace. We are talking about the dress which suits the environment and which makes you feel in your skin.
For this, your statement dress could be a one-piece solid color dress or a decent jumpsuit. These are something you all women can try regardless of the sector you belong to. This is just a generic way of categorizing attire which is mostly seen.

Interview Attire for Men

For men, it is assumed that all they have to do is wear a three-piece or a black/white shirt. But this is 2022, and it is not enough. In order to stand out, you must appear different from others. To do this, here are some extra grooming tips for men to look outstanding from others. 

  • Wear a khaki/brown blazer

Adding earthly tone to your wardrobe for formal wear is a good choice. Pick some textured blazer like khaki; underneath, a loose button-down shirt and navy blue shirt could enhance your personality to the next level. 

  • Wear a statement tie 

With a classic two/three-piece suit, try adding some bright-colored tie. We are not talking about those wacky printed ones, but use some bold and bright colors that balance your boring monotone look.

  • Solid color button-down shirt

This is the most basic yet classic look. However, to not make it look too basic, the choice of color for the shirt is very important. Select the color that you feel makes you more comfortable. Avoid ties and keep a loose button to give a little casual look. But make sure to not overshadow your personality. Feel free to experiment. 

  • White shirt with a sweater 

Layering a sweater with a button-down shirt is one of the most decent looks a man could have. Whether you are appearing for an interview or going for a regular day at work, these looks never go out of style. This is one of the best fits for appearing in an interview to have a good lasting impression.

  • Wear a nice wristwatch

If you are fond of wristwatches, try to include them in your style. Scientifically speaking, wearing a wristwatch makes you appear smarter than the people who don’t. It shows that you are aware of the time and understand its importance.  

Tips to use for an Interview

  • Wearing your favorite attire could have a positive effect on your confidence level that could improve the performance of your interview.
  • When you have no clue about how to dress or what to wear, go for a black outfit. 
  • Wear something comfortable, so you don’t have to focus on your clothes much.
  • For hairstyle, keep it a casual bun, ponytail, or loose hair. Do not go for the crazy hairstyle that consumes a lot of time to make. For men, keep it nice and tidily combed. 

Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview

  • Do not wear too many printed outfits. Use prints that are casual and not outlandish. You can avoid and choose a plain color if it suits you.
  • Do not overdress. Oftentimes, we are so excited, which is so normal for an event like an interview. But do not forget it is just an interview. Do not need to spend hours thinking about the outfit to wear in an interview. 
  • Excess use of perfume. Wearing cologne or perfume for an interview is okay. But try to consciously select the fragrance, which is not too strong, and it should smell.
  • Not cleaning your footwear. It’s a tedious task to clean your shoes when you are already in a rush. Try to clean your shoes and keep all such small things ready a day before an interview. 

Key Takeaways



  • When in doubt, wear black.
  • Do not overfocus on what you are wearing once you are already in for the interview.
  • To look confident, wear the outfits you are most comfortable in. 
  • Do not pick a colorful outfit or too printed fabric. Choose a solid or light color with one or two colors.