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Why Do You Want This Job? – All Steps To Answering

Last Updated on Apr 13, 2023

Interviews are challenging; we all know that. But the question is, what makes an interview so nerve-racking? Why do you want this job? What would you say when asked this question in an interview?

It is such daunting questions like why should we hire you? Or what are you exactly looking for? Or your salary expectations? that arise thousands of overwhelming thoughts in our minds. Here, I’ll share the ultimate guide on answering the “why do you want this job?” question in an interview.

Not only that, I’ll tell you why it is so important to practice before appearing for an interview, along with some sample answers. Not to mention the things you should avoid while answering why you want this job as a fresher with some tips and tricks to make you thoroughly ready and confident for the interview.

Things to keep before answering this question

Before we move on to the actual answer, let me give you some vital information you need to consider to get the desired result. The answer to this question is different for every person, but these are the things to keep in mind. 

  • You Should First Know the Reason

Most people appear for an interview to get a “Job” without knowing the reason. After graduating, they think that all they have to do is apply for a job, sit for an interview, and Boom! They are working. Even most people with a lot of experience in their career don’t know how to say this answer correctly.

But in today’s time, it has become a necessity to know your reason for why you are applying for this particular company? You may ask how to do that?

The answer is simple, sit with a pen-paper and jot the key reasons that made you apply for this job in that specific company. You may verbalize it, but writing it down is more beneficial. 

  • Be Clear and Straightforward with Your Answer

After writing your reasons, highlight the main points that made you seek this job. Have a route map on when and how you’ll mention this while answering the question. 

Here comes the power of practice again! Practice what you will say. Form a proper sentence beforehand for the points you have highlighted.

This way, you will have a straightforward thought process, but it will also make you feel more confident and spontaneous while answering your reason for getting in for this job.

  • Know your purpose

Above all, you should know yourself first. Make yourself clear about the purpose of seeking a job in a specific company. Things like the company reputation, working style, employee satisfaction, etc., are to be considered.  

Compare the things you want and the things your job will be providing you, and align properly. 

Steps to answer “Why do you want this job?

So now you know what things to keep in mind before appearing for an interview are. Now let’s see the best way to answer about your purpose of applying for this company.  

I’m going to walk you through the steps to follow on how you can answer this question most ACCURATELY!

  • Use attractive lead-ins at the beginning –

Starting with powerful sentences can grab your recruiter’s attention, and they would like to hear from you more. For example:

I see this opportunity to contribute to this company in a forward-moving or more advanced direction, and I feel that I can do this with the great skills I have in …”

I believe I have the knowledge and skills to succeed in this role and at your company because …”

  • Tell me how can you help the company succeed –

The company wants its employee to work for them in a way so it can grow. They are, in fact, hiring you (or others) because they are in the process of making it big. Therefore, why do you think they will hire you if you don’t mention what you will contribute. 

Share your skills that match the job and can help the company in doing so. Show the potential that you’re willing to put forth for the company’s growth. Do not forget to tell them why you want to do this for their company. Be genuine with your words. 

  • Where and how do you see yourself working in the future for this company –

Tell them about your plans for the company, and now it doesn’t have to be too big or something that doesn’t align with the company’s value. But the purpose here is to show the recruiter that you are willing to make efforts with them if they hire you.

Tell them that you are the right fit for this role in every possible way. Describe that you want this job not only for your experience gain but also for using your skills and capabilities for the company’s growth.

  • Show that you complement the company’s culture and values –

Before you even tell this answer to the recruiter, you should see whether you are aligned with the company’s culture and values.

Can you work with them even if it does not necessarily have the same thing you are looking for?  

If the answer is yes, show the recruiter that you are a perfect fit for this position and want to learn in the environment they provide. Do your research prior to this about the company you’re applying to.

Stay true to yourself and your interviewers. Lying is fallacious.
You may find it easy to describe something randomly, but what if they ask
another related question?

“Why do you want this job” – Sample answers



“When I applied for this job, I was sure that the job profile suited my abilities. All the skills I have acquired through these years fit perfectly into the role. I had been looking forward to precisely this for such a long time! I needed a chance to prove myself, and at present, I feel your organization is the best-fit workplace for me, as I don’t see anything better than this. Here, I can put each of my skills in its best way. I have seen people doing good when they have used their abilities up to 100%. I felt I was lagging in that race when I worked in my previous job. So, to get me back on track with my abilities to hone and showcase the right way, I need an opportunity like this one to stand out and prove my worth. This job can help me regain the momentum to go and fulfill my holy grail.” 


I am so happy that you asked this question because I had been trying to find a way to tell you that after having this interaction, I realized that this job is something I’d been searching for so long. It perfectly suits my abilities, and I’m sure that it will help me get the best version out of me and help the company grow in the forward direction. I waited for it for quite a long time indeed.“


“As a fresher, I look forward to beginning my career by putting the right feet down on the relevant opportunities, and with an opportunity like this one, I see that I am at the right place. Working with a team of experts can make me grow in this field and as a professional. I am also willing to put in my best work with all my capabilities to meet the company’s mark. What I like most about this company is the value it holds and accomplishes it by having a clear vision, and that is something I commend and follow in my own life. I cannot ask for anything less than this as I feel that I am fully capable of acquiring this position.”

What not to say

We have discussed what to say. But it is equally important to know what you must avoid when answering: why do you want this job?

Let’s look at each of them and understand why they are necessary for you to know.

  • Starting with — I am not sure but…./ I think…./ I guess this is the place where maybe I could…..

Have you noticed how unsure and under-confident it sounds? You can never start your answer with such obscure wordings. It will instantly give the interviewer the vibe of your immature and uncertain personality. It will make them immediately know that you appear here for the “sake of getting a job.”

  • Maybe this is where I could start to get to the bigger things I want to accomplish.

While no company expects you instantly to work for them for the long-term, they also don’t want their employees to use them as a pavement to meet their ends. You can have those plans in your mind, and it is expected, but it is not an inappropriate thing to say out loud in an interview.  

  • You offer me good money/ benefits like no other company.

I know this is something that we might consider while looking for a job, but it is something to not say as an answer to why you want to work for this company.

Think how it will feel when you say, I want this job because you are offering me a tempting pay, or you have a Saturday off, or I want to work here because I was getting less paid in the company I was working for before. 

Remember, no company wants to recruit a person whose primary motive to work for them is money.

Simple tips to keep in mind

  • Be truthful – It sounds simple. But it is something that we might forget when we are too excited or nervous to answer in front of the recruiter. Stay on your nerve, and tell things you know are suitable to you.
  • Showing the fitting gesture – Nonlinguistic communication plays an integral role. It is a fact that when we move our hands or body in a specific fashion, it gives a confident look to our personality. However, make sure to do it the right way;)
  • Do your research about the company – It will be less even if I say this as many times as possible. But knowing about the company’s background is so IMPORTANT!

It will serve you in every question. It is the most important thing to know about the company you are applying to after Knowing about yourself.


Last but not least, you already know what you are looking for in a job or why you have applied for a particular company. 

You can put those things in front of the interviewer in such a manner that instantly makes them realize that you are the perfect candidate. 

Mae West once said, “it is not what you say but how you say it matters.” Hence, keep the things discussed with you in mind, and you are all ready to impress the interviewer with a remarkable answer.

It is the end of this article, and we hope you’ve learned the bits and tricks on what to say and what not to say when answering why you want this job.