Free Career Aptitude and Career Assessment Tests

Career Aptitude and Assessment Test

Getting confused about a career path is one of the common issues youngsters face. Some of you may not have a proper alignment with your degree and interest, while others may feel a lack of knowledge in selecting the right direction to the destination. The disagreement between the heart and mind can create a never-ending hassle in your head, and you may end up in distress. 

Zoe Bell, a famous stuntwoman and an actress from New Zealand, rightly says, “You’ve just got to know yourself, and know what you’re worth, and know where you’re going, and know that you can always, always learn more.” 

Taking free career aptitude and career assessment tests can justly assist you by allowing you to dive down deep with your skills and choices. After all, choosing the right career is not about what your situation or stream allows.

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What Are Career Aptitude and Career Assessment Tests?

A career assessment test allows you to discover the right choice of career based on your traits, including skills, preferences, attitude, values, etc. They are specifically designed for the students and job seekers looking forward to the opportunities and wanting to do something great and different. 

Career assessments can be there in different forms to dig the best out of you, including tests, analysis, or tools. Also, you must know that they are made so that people find it interesting to attempt. 

Free Career Aptitude Tests

Let us go through some of the popular and trustworthy free career aptitude tests along with their features :

  1. Human Metrics:  Human metrics have criteria of asking 64 questions, and then they rate you using the Myers-Briggs’ insights and Jung’s Typology to familiarize you with your personality. This test is sought after and trustworthy for job seekers who want to be focused and transparent with their career path and helps discover your learning style and communication skills.
  2. 16 Personalities: With 16 personalities, you can make some substantial decisions in your professional and personal relations using the Myers-Briggs model. In addition to the same, 16 Personalities allows you to take a step-by-step approach to know your likes and interests to achieve a good career choice.
  3. O*NET Interests ProfilerAs the name suggests, this platform works well to give you recommendations and suggestions based on your career choices. It allows you to align your interest with the world of work by asking 60 questions. You will be glad to know that the United States Department of Labour administers this career assessment.
  4. Career Explorer: Describing themselves as “shockingly accurate,” this test works excellent if you want to go through all the aspects of making a career choice. From the abilities, skills, potential, values, and ethics to personality types, interests, and work cultures, it will help you with everything.
  5. 123 Career Test:  This career test will allow you to find the perfect career to fit your professional personality best. Moreover, it will enable you to understand and gain a deep insight into the different occupations. You will know what will work for you and what you should not consider in terms of work culture.
  6. Skills Matcher: Isn’t it worth checking if your skills parallel your interests and activities that you find compelling? The Skills Matcher website is specifically made for you to match your skills with your passion helping you to reach for an exact career path.
  7. PathSource: The most beneficial aspect of using this assessment is that you will get results inclusive of your lifestyle issues and compensation expectations. This platform also has a collection of 2,600 informational video interviews where you can learn about a wide range of professionals.
  8. Truity: It allows you to test your strengths and weaknesses to help yourself grow in multiple aspects of your life. You must avail yourself of the test from Truity if you want the free and short results. Moreover, it is not restricted to one test but offers a good range of variety. You need to pay to unlock the complete results with detailed information.
  9. Test ColorIt is based upon a two-part color selection process to assess your personality. The immediate results are free, but you must pay for in-depth analysis. How amazing it feels when you have to select colors based on your best and most minor preferences. It is uncomplicated, easy to play, and takes no more than 2-3 minutes to complete the color test.
  10. Career HunterIt is a test with 27 questions and takes around 15 minutes to attempt. It will give you a wide range of popular occupations and permit you to unveil your hidden passion. The platform offers a few quality paid tests besides the free basic test. The cost for a one-time purchase is $29.99.

How Does It help?

We all wanted to be something-something while growing up, but when we hit the actual age, only a fraction of our interests can hit minds, but not necessarily. It is where the issue arises!

A career aptitude test allows you to discover about yourself and your interests, knowledge, and potential to direct you better in your career goals and paths. If you are a person who has not discovered yourself and finding it tough to be confidently decisive, this is precisely what you must thrive for. Take the test and know your job personality with deep insights concerning multiple outlooks, which will help you make an easy decision to research for a job. You can try relying upon career aptitude tests and compare the results with what you want. It will open the doors to bright ideas and new opportunities. 

Apart from the free career aptitude and assessment tests, there are other tests to help you search out the different facets of making a career choice. 

Personality Assessment Tests

 Not so simple as its name, personality tests give you a better understanding of your professional self by testing the different strands based on your choices. You will get to know what suits you and what you should not opt for. You may have strong skills, but which job role can make the best of those skills? Personality assessment tests will let you know. 

It is always recommended to be an intelligent player, and knowing your professional personality contributes to the same. You must understand what motivates you. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

You may have heard people describing themselves as ESTP or INJP type. These letters may confuse you and get you the curiosity. INJP and ESTP are personality types determined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The test is designed to test your strengths, traits, and preferences. It is one of the most accurate personality tests employers take to assess you. 

This integral test is widely used as a popular psychological tool based upon Carl Jung’s theory of personality types and curated by a mother-daughter duo named Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers.It is no good, better, or best, but they categorize human personalities in 16 sets. Let us have a look over four groups of Myers-Briggs Types Indicators,

  1. Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I): It means how you respond to your environment based on your energies and vibes. Extraversion-Introversion traits tell you whether you are manifested towards reserved, reflective behavior and feel better focusing on your inner thoughts or energetic, talkative, and more confident.
  2. Sense (S) or Intuition (I): How do you grasp the information? People have different ways of perceiving pieces of information. In a particular situation, you tend to be intuitive if you react according to the patterns, impressions, and the whole-case scenario. At the same time, the one who pays attention to the details using common sense and previous experiences is considered an S-type.
  3. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F): How do you decide? If you are the logical one, consider yourself a thinker or a feeler if you rely upon feelings.
  4. Judging (J) or Perceiving (P): Are you someone with proper future planning with well-designated tasks? If each decision is a box that gets ticked time-to-time, then consider yourself a judging type. But, if you are a flexible person who decides according to the vibes and environment, you are the perceiving one. 

Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

In addition to the above-mention tests, other common types of assessments are used to test an employee’s personality during an interview. Along with the basic interview questions, including Why do you want to join our company?, What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? they may ask you to attempt a test to know whether you are fit for the candidature. 

They are prevalent in screening the deserving candidate. It is a well-validated and professionally designed test to gain insights into the traits and professional abilities. Let’s see some of the popular pre-employment tests;

Emotional intelligence Tests: It is highly crucial to determine the abilities to identify and understand emotions. The dynamic intelligence assessment lets you know how you manage your emotions in different situations. 

Cognitive Aptitude: The cognitive aptitude test assesses your critical thinking skills, ease of approaching a problem, and utilizing current and new information. 

Skill Assessment: Skills are the most significant factor a candidate can have. Hiring managers take skill assessment tests to evaluate your personality based on your specialized competence. 

Let’s Summarize!

Okay, now you know some popular and authoritative kinds of free career and career aptitude tests. You can focus on selecting the right one following what you want to know and achieve accordingly. You can give your career a fresh kickstart or make it fly like a skyrocket, and the relevant pre-requisites are mandatory! Before you start working, it is crucial to beware of yourself, including your skills, interests, and choices. This is the best way to approach your professional phase, indeed!



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